Prayer is a direct way of communicating and communicating with God. Prayer is a spiritual practice that helps to strengthen your spirit and your relationship with God. The more you pray, the more intense your relationship with God. This means more than just asking for help. You can talk about the events of your day; thank you for all of your divine blessings; may ask him to share his blessings with his family and with the whole world; you can still use the means of listening to God.

Using prayer can be a great stress relief. However, it requires you to believe in God and believe in knowing what is best for you, and most importantly, he cares about you. By praying to God for help, especially in stressful times, during the darkest hours, you can be sure God is listening to you and helping you. No matter how hopeless your situation is, believe that miracles can happen and happen. It carries your absolute hope and strength in your own time.

Keep regular prayers in your life. You do not need much time or effort to talk after a little prayer after you wake up and / or sleep. This is the time to thank God for his constant blessings and help telling him that you love him and acknowledge that he loves you. The more you do, the more blessings you get. Over time, you will find that your life becomes lighter and thus less stressful. And if time is tough, the strengthened spirit helps to better manage stress.

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