Stress can lose perspective. Abraham-Hicks's teaching can help bring you back. Abraham, in case you do not know (not, in plural) A group of non-physical beings who talk to us through Esther Hicks. They have to say a lot about feeling good.

In fact, they said, "The most important thing is to feel good." I mean that if you do, everything else will fall. Abraham also offers us a complete set of tools to help you with this challenging task. To find out more, you could buy one book. I especially like the Charge and the Money and the Law of Attraction. Here are some of Abraham's techniques:

a) Which Thought Feels Better

In the period of stress or unhappiness, ask yourself, "Which thoughts do you feel better about?" Always get to the next better thought, they say. This is not too tough, especially if there is some practice. Example: I stressed very much about all the accounts. Better: I am grateful for the services I have provided (including credit card withdrawal services).

Why can not you get the best feeling from the beginning? Why not go all the way? Why do not you think "I'm really happy to be a millionaire without debt?" Would not it be even more effective?

The answer is not – because that is not possible. Have you ever noticed that when you feel like you are in the rubbish dumps, do you find good people? That's the reason. If you feel unlucky, you feel a little better at first. Then you feel a little better. And so on as long as you are where you want to be.

b) Positive aspects: No matter how pathetic you are, you always find something positive about almost everything. Make a list.

c) What do you want? Instead of complaining about things you do not like about your life, concentrate on what you want.

Do not worry about missing, but you do not have enough money. Focus on how to do more. Think about how nice it will be if there are more. According to Abraham, the universe does not understand "no". So if you say, "I do not want to work so hard." you hear "working so hard" and giving you more of your hard work that you do not like so much.

Focus on the job you want. Give me some details. Reasonable lessons, friendly staff, rewarding boss and clients, and excellent pay. And the universe gives you more of these things.

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