Let's be honest – life can be stressful if we take it. Accumulation of small faults of one day, a week or longer can accumulate and break out in wrath and anxiety. This can have a negative emotional and physical impact on you.

How can we prevent stress?

The most important formulation is the preparation that can give you the desired peace of mind. If there are stressful days in the office, the first thing to do is analyze the daily routine.

What are you doing exactly?

What is work and what is not it?

What trends need to be changed and what remains the same?

First, check your sleeping, eating and drinking habits. If you sleep very late at night and you will get up as soon as the sun rises, you need change. Try sleeping earlier in the night and set the alarm one hour before you leave your home. These small changes can be the answer to a stressful day.

Perhaps your eating and drinking pattern is fueling stress.

What do you eat regularly?

Do you eat healthy and nutritious foods?

Are you overworked?

You drinking a drink?

Are you caffeine-dependent?

You're what you eat – eating and drinking habits can cause stress.

There are many great resources to help you find the perfect nutritious balance.

What about practicing?

Many people ignore physical activity, but it is imperative that our bodies work well.

The only tangible thing we've been living in the last day is our body. Our body works like a car – the more you take care of it, the better it will be. Exercise is a great way to make your body work well.

Having mastered sleep, eating and exercise, stress is the last thing in your mind. However, other unforeseen circumstances may cause discomfort.

What about stress management in the office?

What can you do to avoid stress?

The most important thing is to find the beloved job. From personal experience I can say that there is nothing worse than the job you hate.

Another tip is to start working 15 minutes. It gives you enough time to settle down and prepare your mind for the next day. Learn to take deep and long breath in the hour and hour. After you begin this routine, you may notice that it is more relaxed and more targeted.

If you have a large part of the sun, make sure your chair is comfortable. There is nothing worse than sitting for a few hours in a bad chair. Also, do foot and foot exercises. Circular exercises required to maintain blood circulation, such as long-distance aerial previews.

Always make sure you are getting up and walking – make good blood circulation and rest your mind.

Additionally, if your work entitles your phone to hours, ask for a hand-held kit – this is easy, easy to use, and provides full movement.

If something interferes with the job, be sure to lead it to higher attention. Always choose the best time to invite the topic and do it politely.

Is your office well organized? If your office looks like a jungle on paper and files, and nothing's ok, then wise suggest that one morning down to get a proper system in place.

My final recommendation is to enjoy yourself. Have fun and learn more to smile. Laughter if you can.

A part of the Successlodge community has given me recommendations on how to regulate stress at your workplace, including background music, aromatherapy oils, yoga, meditation, stress ball to free undesirable energies and play relaxing music while driving.

How would your life be?

Imagine yourself smiling, happy to have fun with you and be convinced that you are caring for your body, soul, and soul. Feed the temple with good food and lots of water.

You are often practicing.

You feel great.

You hear the voices of success.

The new balance found will make you more relaxed, more targeted, and happier. This is the line to share this wisdom with his companions.

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