It's 9 o'clock on Thursday. I will email my column about the strength of rest to my editor. I just do not know how much peace I want to get. At 10:30, cramps begin in the abdomen. I poured sweat on 12:30, and the couple I advise tells me that I'm talking more and more in front of them. Not a good sign.

3 hours. my wife took me to see my doctor who sent me to get CT from my abdomen. Diagnosis: acute appendicitis. 5:30 am in the ER, ready for an emergency. By 10, the appendance has gone out and I feel a lot better. Since it was not just on Thursday, I was much more relaxed than I planned.

I share this funny story with you because it was very stressful and very unexpected, but I think there are some strategies we can tackle from stress management experience.

Stress requires us to make adjustments. Have you noticed that most of the stress is not on the calendar and are not planned? Still, we take these incidents in person. "Why is this always with me?" – This is not fair! "So I will only ignore this and continue with what I did."

Serious stress indicates something is wrong. You need to change the problem. You adapt, make improvisation, overtake you. Or no, and suffer from stress.

Stress requires attention. Stress is easy to ignore, at least for the first time. As a result, we are prone to something stupid when stressful situations arise. Disregarding stress rarely goes away.

If the car's engine noise sounds, you can turn on the radio to stop the noise, but the problem persists. Notice what stress you are trying to say. Managing the Problem is the Best Solution to Stress Management and Solving Problem

Stress management requires support from others. The power of the community in stress management can not be overestimated. One of the things that made the whole surgical intervention and after-effect more manageable, the "supportive families" in the Church; our son's school; and our neighbors. All of us need to call the business author and Harvey McKay's spokesperson "3 Hours Friends". These are the people you can call at any time day and night, and they will be there for you and you are there. If you are under stress, you are not noble or cool to try to go alone. It's just stupid.

Stress management requires us to take action. The best way to handle this problem is action. While I was tempted to go home and wait for stomach cramps, I somehow felt that it was different from what I ever felt. If you are under stress, sit in wait to pass, do not cut off. Take action, do something

A client recently shared this quote with me: "There are many successful plans, none of them work unless they do." If that is what you do, it will work, and this will usually solve the problem. If what you are doing does not work, change your job until something is working and it will be successful.

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