More and more customers have come up with what I started Call Too Much to Do Stress.

TMTD Stress is depleted spiritually and physically. In fact, it becomes less productive than more because it can not best give one thing.

There are eight steps here that are useful in managing TMTD Stress:

Write down everything: Writing tasks downwards from the head and the paper. makes them manageable immediately. It also means that you are less likely to forget something important, which only results in more stress.

What you really do not need to do: Once you have written everything, you can see that you simply do not have to do things – not today, not this week, never.

Priority: Identify the most important things and / or things that need to be done instantly. If you first take care of the high-end products, you will enjoy the feeling of performance. Then he gets much more energy for later things. Another way to treat things as a priority we do not really love. Avoid procrastinating by releasing them from the road and from the head.

Quest: Now look at your list and decide what else you can do for you. Failure to send a delegation comes from false notices that the only way to break it down or to do it is to do everything we can to do. If someone else can do something better than you can, give them.

Share and win: Although it's nice that a staff or a partner can share the burden, you can even share and defeat your own. For example, if you have too much to do in a week, fill out your calendar or just one sheet of paper and share it for seven days. Now do your list of tasks and take each job for another day.

Check out the pressure language: You have stress, you have stress, everyone has stress. What we have to pay attention to is our language of press – the language we talk to about our stress.

Here are some examples of pressure language: "How will I do this?" "I will never do this." – I can not believe she has to do everything. "This is not fair, no one else has much to do!"

One more thing: One of the keys to success, whether sport, business, relationships or any other pursuit, has to do more than I expected. When you have completed the list of items that are connected to a given day, select something from the next day list. You will notice how much you know and what will be in front of the game.

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