The subconscious conscious mind is the state of consciousness where knowledge of their use is used as a means of attainment of higher states of consciousness and development of mind consciousness in terms of personal development and self-awareness. The conscious and subconscious are also terms coined to represent aspects of the mind and knowledge related to the human consciousness that has to do with living, meaning and how we view life.

The subconscious for example gives meaning through the language of symbols and images. Conceptual thinking, creative ideas, beliefs and abstract forms of thinking are the types of expressions found in the subconscious. It also holds the memory of our life experiences and patterns of genetic behavior related to our upbringing and conditioning.

The subconscious holds the key to greater awareness of the mind in terms of thoughts and feelings, however meaning and information from them is really of no use without it being expressed consciously and with awareness for whatever good reason. Subconscious expressions that pass through to the conscious mind are filtered by the process of logic and reason that makes them more practical and better understood in their expression. Otherwise there would be no sense or meaning to what we do or say or refer to or about.

On the other hand, the conscious part of the mind is what gives expression to our waking state and awareness. Our sensory experiences supply information from the outside world that is then assimilated by our conscious thought processes and feelings. Which in turn are sent to the subconscious where they are re-formulated into beliefs, desires, and values ​​which in turn are drawn up by the conscious mind in the form of experiences that make interpretation of our life what it is and how we see it. All the information related to our life experiences is stored in the subconscious as memory.

The conscious mind on its own also plays a part in the re-interpretation of some aspects of the subconscious, such as the meaning of symbols, related to the experiences and information it interprets from outside of its own conscious consciousness or if you prefer from outside of those state of self-awareness. However, when it comes to the interpretation of higher levels of consciousness, it relies on the assistance of the minds of higher intelligence networks such as the intuitive and soul and spiritual aspects of consciousness which originate in the higher states of the minds of deeper patterns of subconscious consciousness.

The subconscious conscious mind when used in conjunction with self-consciousness are the three key aspects of the mind used to attain higher states of consciousness. They also work together to describe the overall quality, life and purpose of human and individual consciousness as major components of consciousness as a whole. They refer to aspects of the mind in terms of our human nature and understanding about what life is and also who and what we are, as well as our relationship with being a part of the universal life force itself.

Higher awareness

The meaning given here in this article on subconscious conscious, refer to higher consciousness states as those that fit into the minds of intelligence and expressions of individual soul and spiritual consciousness. In a greater sense, states of individual higher consciousness are connected to the consciousness of universal and divine states of being that form the cosmic streams of subconscious conscious activities of which the projects of the human stream of consciousness are but only a segment of.

First off it becomes necessary to think in terms that everything created is fundamentally made up of electromagnetic forces and particles of matter in varying degrees of density. That also includes thoughts, feelings and any state of consciousness regardless of what state it is.

The mind of reason can be applied to anything and made to make sense of it, if it is used rightly and in conjunction with subconscious mind consciousness and higher conscious conscious states. When a person is conscious and aware at the time of something occurring in their subconscious it becomes possible to see not only how the subconscious patterns of their behavior work, but also how they work from a position of mental detachment, in which the self-awareness has been elevated to a higher mode of consciousness expression which supports sufficient reason for the validity of those higher states.

When the goal in a technique of development in higher mind consciousness involves a conscious interpretation of the activities of the subconscious forces, for clarity the mind calls upon higher consciousness such energies as those that are more purified and strengthened by using the power of the will and intelligence that stems from higher perceptions of the intelligence of mind.

It's through a person's consciousness and their higher expression of it, with its subsequent subconscious expression that conscious choices are made while in those states about their direction in life and their soul purpose and the meaning of it. These subtle and important choices may go unnoticed by the normal waking consciousness of the everyday consciousness of mind. Because they are states of consciousness made by the higher self and where it may not necessarily be consciously recognized by the normal waking conscious mind, yet they still exist but as a form of higher guidance posed in the person aura in the form of electromagnetic states of intelligent consciousness to which the higher states of mental consciousness are more refined and cultured.

To some, they may be completely unconscious of these states, while others may be termed subconscious, while others may be termed subconscious, while others are conscious states of the subconscious which levels are of a frequency and rate of vibration, where the range in consciousness is of a different sense or quality of consciousness but is still perceived consciously, but only by the mind of soul and its senses. The difference being they are simply termed subconscious because they refer to what's hidden from the conscious mind and the physical world as it appears.

In addition, conscious choices made while in higher states of consciousness may not be generally recognized or in fact clearly understood at a later date when only in a conscious waking state of a person unless they happen to have a good working knowledge of how metaphysical laws and principles work. Also when at the time the self-awareness is not specifically focused on any subconscious activities related to higher states of consciousness. When that is the case quite often experience experienced while in a higher state of consciousness became relegated to the consciousness consciousness as an unconscious part of the subconscious — or at least until a bridge of consciousness was created by the soul and they are ready to be recognized by it as a conscious process of security related to its experiences in the world of physical, emotional and mental matter.

Conscious choices made while in higher states of consciousness are always for the benefit of the soul while on their journey through life as they are used to further increase the conscious use of a person's subconscious consciousness applied to their physical, emotional and mental vehicles of consciousness as part of their evolutionary purpose.

The benefits of awareness of higher states of consciousness are there for anyone who takes the time to discover them within themselves. They are valuable aids in mind, which give results that lead to an increase in the consciousness of life on a much wider scale and with a whole lot more significance attached to the meaning and purpose of it.

There are different levels of human consciousness, all of which go to make up the consciousness of subconscious conscious and unconscious aspects of mind. Higher states of mind consciousness such as for example universal-soul-spiritual-divine or cosmic states; along with the more common states such as the physical-emotional-mental and intuitive nature of consciousness all go together to form part of mind consciousness in its varying degrees of expression.

All these conditions of consciousness are in their most basic form states or conditions of energy in varying densities of matter. The higher states are more refined energies of mental consciousness which dimensions are different forms of consciousness formed out of the more subtle electromagnetic properties of matter. The form of consciousness is hidden as the potentiality of mind in the nucleus of the subatomic or rather sub-atmic (atmic means spirit) particles of the soul's life force until a certain level of self-awareness is enough enough enough consciousness to attract and emit those energies that are allayed to the souls of emotional and mental patterns and designs qualified for its conscious expression as a human.

Realistic subconscious conscious unconscious are just names given by us to describe our human behavior in terms of our perception and reasoning of a higher intelligence and consciousness where we come to "know" by comparing that "which is known" to that which is "still to become known". The whole purpose of life seems to become more and more conscious and aware of it; by greater attunement to the forces of the conscious subconscious and unconscious, so that we can experience life better on a conscious level and come to see it for what it really is, and improve upon it where needed, in relation to our individual experiences and thoughts and feelings we get from it as a result of taking a conscious part in all levels of it.

That can not really happen unless the levels of consciousness of a person are experienced from a higher state of self-awareness wherever each level can be viewed simultaneously; caused as a result of a person's intelligence of each one contributing to that state of higher consciousness of mind; which if it pleases we can term the soul for the want of a better word. In other words, in relation to the development of extra consciousness-better relations in the appreciation of life are formed and the link between a person's soul awareness and their conscious consciousness of their subconscious-conscious relationship and higher states of consciousness are better orchestrated by using their higher self-consciousness and the flow of energies being moved between the main levels or projects of their consciousness is maintained as a flow of unity and harmonious expressions.

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