Success and business literature are full of recognition for the need for "implementation" and "performance". These words are for the good old-fashioned hard work. It's as important as a definite goal, goals, planning and thinking, without the hard work, nothing happens. Let's find out who worked hard to succeed and what to teach us.

Most successful people have been successful in history with their hard work. The so-called industrial captains who built the great motor companies of the 19th and 20th centuries were doing hard work. Every great inventor "defeated" the greatest inventions with relentless hard work. Nothing has changed today.

Successful people work hard

Bill Gates has made hard work since Microsoft, making it one of the most successful companies in the world. In the early days he worked especially for hours, often all night, to build the software giant to this day. The same can be said for all other successful businesses on the Internet and from there.

Hard work is not a substitute. – Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Edison often recalls that genius is 2% inspiration and 98% sweating. Often he works in the daytime and in the daylight hours, and he only has occasional short breaks for days. From his work we got what the charm of Menlo Park – the light bulb, the sound recording, and so on. he was indignant. While he did not create all these things alone, and there was a legion for people to help him, it's all long and hard to take these magical inventions to Hungary.

You can definitely earn a decent life and work 40 hours a week. Those who are satisfied with mediocrity will even work less and spend more time on coffee breaks than good performance. However, those who really want to do something quickly find out there is no substitute hard work.

Great Work Requires Great Work

The Greatest Presidents Worked Extremely Hard. Thomas Jefferson worked 12 or more hours a day and personally wrote thousands of documents. As inventor, land surveyor, agricultural scientist, architect, politician and statesman. He observed: "He is a fortunate fortune-maker, and I find that the harder I work, the more I feel."

Likewise, Abraham Lincoln works early in the morning, often at midnight. Others were amazed at their ability to work so hard that they could deliberately and for a long time work.

Theodore Roosevelt was a dynamo. He worked all day he was, and he wrote a lot of the night when he wrote a lot of books and periodicals. In his long life, he supported his families with writing hundreds of thousands of words.

Successful business people have long understood the importance of hard work. JC Penney, Founder of a Great Retail Realm, JC Penney Unless he or she refuses to go beyond the capacity of the average person to work, he did not miss out on the positions .

Founder of Walmart also spent a lifetime of hard work, often spending 18 hours in building the world's largest retail realm.

What heavy work do you need? The answer is actually simple. You have to work hard enough to get what you want to achieve. The more you want to accomplish, the harder it is to work. You decide on the price to pay. Nobody can expect to achieve a lot of hard work.

The great thing about hard work is that without your health failing everyone can do it. Although it is true that hard work alone does not guarantee success, without success being still amazing.

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