I've always been a consultant and a life savvy for who has a television or computer in any child or teenage bedroom. Yes, this rule was used in our own home. At times they were opponents, and that's okay. He did not change our actions.

My consideration is twofold. Firstly, I see social isolation, reduced social / emotional abilities, reduced mutual interaction and increasing the official dissatisfaction of children and teenagers.

Visual electronics in the children's bedroom reduces the time spent by families together, increases pornography and the risk of early exposure to children, reduces family dinners and reduces the time of conversation with other young people. The negative impact of this can also be seen in school. These children are shorter, more frequent, lower in average social skills and often socially isolated.

The second reason to know two or two things about brain development was that TV and computer use did not affect normal brain development and brain stimulation, which is necessary for our youngsters to be healthy and happy. We now need a lot of research to restore this.

Let's look at the scientific researcher Joseph Chilton Pearce who is a scholar, scientist and teacher. He says, "First, if you want intelligent, successful and healthy children, you will have to have a positive emotional experience that begins with unconditional love, the right loving touch and the safe and secure environment, and then extends our learning environment. learning, learning the upper frontal lobe … the intellectual creative brain … the emotional environment should be positive and supportive The first sign of anxiety is the brain relocating its functions from high prefrontal lobes to the old reptilian brain. "Simply put: In order to to be a higher child, we need to take care of the head and heart. The heart and the brain communicate with each other in the complex symphony of ganglion cells, neural networks and neurotransmitters.

Pearce speaks of the adverse effects of television and computers on rising hips regardless of content. "Television literally prevents neural growth in the developing brain of children, and when young children look too much, they stifle their brain's ability to develop imagination." This is the job of reacting the brain to radiant light. Children's brain "stops" (stop thinking process).

The television industry opposed this by introducing "killer effects" in the programming of children. This causes the brain to think that an emergency may develop and warn the brain to pay special attention. This is followed by dramatic changes in the intensity of light, sound, and fast-moving camera angles. According to Pearce, "every 10 years, the TV industry promotes promotion, fears show an average of 16-bit violence every half an hour in children's cartoons, when the heart loses all negative signals or loses its normal harmonic way to a context that is the release of one of the most effective hormones in the human body cortisol immediately excites the brain and thus creates a trilean nerve relationship so that an individual can be prepared to face an emergency. "

Computer monitors have similar effects due to radiant light. The researchers are divided into 3 groups, where the same information has been added to a fourth grade reading level in 3 different media. Group A had regular papers; A "B" group showed a movie; Group C was looking at a computer monitor. Students were then tested for information retention

The group saw an average of 85% retention after viewing a paper; Group B showed on average 25% to 30% retention after the film screening; Group C monitored average 3% to 5% retention after viewing a computer monitor. "Computers and television are changing children's minds, encouraging our children to develop the ability to think first and then give them a computer.Pearce sites Piaget's evolving research" The first twelve years of life have the knowledge structures that allow young people to seize the abstract, metaphorical, symbolic information … the danger is that the computer and television interrupt this development. "

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