Calculate your blessings – here are some thinkers

I have found that there are two kinds of adults in our society, especially in America: victims and entrepreneurs. Victims are genuinely primarily on others; entrepreneurs sincerely primarily by themselves and helping others. Victims & # 39; concerns are raised; entrepreneurs solve problems but focus on opportunities. Victims are very critical; entrepreneurs are critical thinkers, but are more optimistic and therefore welcome.

A desperate entrepreneur can snatch the victim. Real hard entrepreneurs are flexible and are able (and should) handle the average rate of rejection and failure. We all heard stories of how many times aspiring authors submitted manuscripts before someone accidentally made their name and published a publication condemned by many. and we know many other stories like this, practically in every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. But everyone has the breakpoint. Too many mistakes can deter the entrepreneur and move him to the victim's mentality and experience emotional patches that make him more sensitive to his life.

I wonder if you can direct the encouraged victim towards a more entrepreneurial mindset. I guess you know in many cases. A dedicated victim – who has chosen a complainant, a negative and a defective lifestyle – will probably not change, no matter how much encouragement you give him. But I think a spark of an entrepreneur almost all of us – more than 98% of the population – and part of my inspirational mission is to find those sparks and try to encourage them when and where I can.

Entrepreneurial activity is a form of inspirational leadership. Inspiring leadership requires encouragement. Encouragement requires dignity, both for you, for others, and for the many blessings of life. That is why I encourage you to find ten things that I would appreciate today. Here are ten lists of "Thinking Beginners", whose blessings I find grateful today and hope to help you with some idea.

Rate Your Life

Rate Your Life

Rate Your Life

Rate Your Home

Rate Your Home

Rate Your Home

Rate Your Home

] Rate your family

Rate it, especially the great others

Another bonus blessing: Rate your gripes! Yes, any problems in life, grateful they are not worse. I especially remember that I am a young husband and a father with far more accounts and duties than money and opportunities … and I remember the struggle between the inner contractor and my inner victim, who begins the victim's way. She helped me more than I can tell you that you really focus on everyone in the family being healthy … and that something stupid like money was actually the only problem and what a blessing I was not. You do not have to struggle in the wheelchair or on the bed. The idea that sometimes my top entrepreneur is my business owner. Anyway, if you take care of a wheelchair or a bed, it's good for you. We appreciate the fact that you know and are still with us.

I hope that your concept is beyond your reach today. And if not, I hope that the struggle between the entrepreneur and the inner victim will fluctuate in the entrepreneurial direction. The more you value, the more likely it is to take place.

Do you show appreciation? Take a minute today to think of something you can do to her that will show your love and appreciation; do not wait for it to be worth or wait. Even an ex-lover can be recognized in the part of his life that has been shared with you, even if it is easier to focus on today's "ex" reasons. They're supposed to be peanuts like nobody else. But that's because you love them, and you never have to think about your ability to love others. Embrace it … appreciate it! And they love it, even if they do not show it sometimes.

No more need to say. Be so modest that there is no place like this. And if you are currently homeless, you have a great opportunity to win a new award if you are home – at home. For a while I was homeless and it was sparkling for my entrepreneur to be in a temporary state for an absolute period of time, regardless of how long the victim wanted to keep my misery in a lasting way.

I remember many times in the army when it was cold or rainy and how strong it was to imagine the beginning of August and how refreshing it would be to find rain if … or imagine the Christmas on the Rocky Hills on a particularly nasty August day and think how warm it would be to find that day if it were.

Let's go today, breathe a deep breath and give some thanks for the miracle of the planet. Even if the weather is terrible! If we talk about … If you have a job, it's great! It is possible for many entrepreneurs to practice their craft for the use of others to help them build their business; Not every entrepreneur owns his own business (though more and more decides as a business owner at these times).

No matter how poor you are, rich … especially in America, where the poorest families tend to own things, the rest of the world can only dream. If you grow older, you know much more than before. If you are young, evaluate your energy and improve your patience. No matter what, it may be worse or you can not understand or understand it.

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