It's easy to lose weight through weight loss, fitness, and health. It is a fact that refusal is what leaves many people when they are approaching the major development and encouragement of their program.

I've come up with the "top 10" incentive point to help you make spirits high on your way to weight loss, fitness and health

1. Better – and often very fast! Many people who are overweight or sitting for a long time can find any activity, even a few hundred feet long, to be very difficult and uncomfortable. Encourage many physiological changes to take place very quickly after it starts to move. Walking, for example, becomes easier and more comfortable within a couple of weeks. Move – Everything will be a little better every day! Encourage!

2nd I love this lady's story. He just wants you to sit on your computer. Margie Madison, Wisconsin, made 296 pounds when she started walking around the area. He says he walked a half block twice a day and was incredibly difficult at first. After the second day he decided to quit but a neighbor urged him to continue. He walked the same way every day, but he took a little distance a week. He says there was a lot of days he wanted to leave, but he wanted to lose weight very badly and he was healthy. After a few months, neighborhoods began to notice their consistency and development, and said good-bye and began to pass encouraging words. He said that after a few months of walking, he enjoyed the enjoyment painfully. Ten months in his pedestrian program, he began to walk in the morning, but he noticed the people in his own yard. As they passed through each yard, they claped and cheered for him, "go Margie," "I'm proud of you, Margie," "congratulations to Margie!" He said tears of happiness went through the whole morning, as more than a hundred people enjoyed his way. Encourage!

3rd Signs of the development of the weight loss program are often very slow. Healthy weight loss takes time, but it is very discouraging. Make sure that you know that you are making progress every day when you consume and exercise a moderate amount of healthy foods. It may not be possible to measure that day, but progress has been made and it will be measurable over a seven and a half month period. Encourage!

4th Katherine was 43 years old and was chasing her for 20 years. The scale has not changed in the past 20 years – it still has 136 pounds, but knew it lost muscle and fat. His waist was larger and would not fit in the same size as 20 years ago. What was most disturbed was always tired and never had the energy.

He decided to walk and weighed, but after a week he quit. She said, "it's too uncomfortable, I can not do this." I encouraged him to continue and told him he was doing better. In the next two weeks, he quits three times. We often talked. Six weeks later, he noticed the muscle tone and noticed that his stamina and energy levels were significantly increased. She said, "I was very encouraged!" Eight months later, he earned two pounds on the balance, but he had three inches on his waist – and marathon! Yeeeeeeesss! Encourage!

5th The idea behind physical training is to force her body to do a little more than comfortable and react with physical and physiological changes. These changes allow you to behave less comfortably. Encourage!

6th Gerald in New Orleans, Louisiana lost 85 pounds after he started walking and weighing. After losing weight, you have decided to do something that will allow me to fully evaluate your weight loss. He wore a bag all day, containing 85 pounds of metal weight.

It was a fight that day and it was very tiresome. The end of the day is exhausted! Life without weight is great! Encourage!

7th Maintain progress. Daily describes the positive changes that he noticed and records his daily practice. Write down what you did, how long you did and all the thoughts about your practice on that day. Keep minutes running full. Take a look at what has been a great achievement and motivated to do more. Encourage!

8th Daily workout will change your life! I think God designed people to be active every day. Why? because if you are good, good things happen.

– you are healthier – you feel better and have more energy – less likely to be cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc. 19659002] – you sleep better

– have better prospects for life

– your relationship with people increases

– your skin looks healthier

– you are less fat or system fater

– you lose fat

you get a toned, lean muscle

– you look healthier

You have to be confident!

ninth Betty Jo in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, wrote to me: "Greg, after 24 years of marrying a rough pessimistic man who did not enjoy life, I only saw that change in just a year, Harold was on the classic 70 pound overweight couch he was frightened of his exercise and healthier eating habits because of the death of his 46-year-old boyfriend. "

Harold's doctor suggested that he walks every morning and in a few weeks Harold told Betty Jo that he wanted to eat better. Harold really boarded this "health thing" and lost £ 72 and became a new person – inside and out. Betty Jo says, "I have a new husband, he walks an hour every morning, has a joy around us, his enthusiasm for life is entertaining our marriage." Encourage! 10. Development and development will lead to encouragement. You can go and improve and be encouraged to do more. Tomorrow morning, put your walking shoes and walk, even if it's just a few minutes. The next day, do it again – progress and improvement.


copyright 2001 by Greg Landry, M.S.

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