My first book, "High Level Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Diseases" (Rodale, 1977), contained a chapter on stress. It was a short stress test or self-assessment. Nearly 35 years have passed since I wrote this and I developed a scoring system to interpret it. The purpose of this exercise is to detect the scope of factors that may be potential stress. Too much stressfulness that can not be treated well can cause health and other problems from misery to destruction. My own stress test, self-evaluation tool, is a self-reporting tool for personal insights. This, of course, is not a technical test. Unlike a real test, this does not apply criterion or otherwise according to strict scientific standards.

There are a number of books on stress phenomenon. This is a popular term in our culture and special attention is paid to the various workplace health promotion programs. People have a great deal of difference between people in responding to different circumstances and treating stressors at different times. Which emphasizes that he will be happy to me and vice versa. People are endured and suffer stress in their lives. Any test that has attracted consciousness and thus results in less suffering and growth seems to be good.

My little wellness stress test is an awareness-raising, self-evaluating life satisfaction survey. I would like to help readers integrate or supplement their wellness mindset and lifestyles. This helps you evaluate many important areas of life. I want everyone to enjoy the process of stress factors as much as possible. Stress can be severe if it is present in the excess. Anyone working in an individual's wellness environment can follow self-evaluation and interpretation as a helper, which can be helpful in mapping questions and concerns, even more towards the goal of positive solutions.

The old 1977 Ardell Wellness Stress Test is still popular today, especially in university wellness centers and health training courses. In addition, I still get permission to reproduce the tests in books and brochures. So, an update seems timely. After all, what are the chances that the events and circumstances of the '70s still emphasize people today? However, I must admit that most of the factors listed are general, not age-related (such as workplace and career tensions). So most of the original examination questions must continue, especially by touching a bit, considering that I have learned one or two things in the intervening decades. I would like at least to think that in 2011 I know more about REAL wellness than in 1976 when I wrote "High Level Wellness". This fact alone prompted this update.

The "Ardell Wellness Stress Test" now and then includes the social aspects of physical, mental, emotional, "mental" (meaning and purpose) and health. This is one reason why many users report that they find the test useful – it offers a balanced assessment of the various stress sources. In this updated version, I keep this wide circle. I keep the scoring system as well. I suggest that you print this test to allow the answer or numeric marking for each of the 25 topics. Like the original version, I recommend a six-point scale and a neutral choice that does not signal positive or negative emotions to the element.

Here is the application of the rating scale as you read it and take into account the individual factors in the 25 question evaluations. Simply share your satisfaction in positive or negative degrees for each item

* Enter "+3" if your position, that is, your satisfaction that your life is currently going according to the listed categories, is "overflowing into the ecstasy"

* Enter "+2" if you have the satisfaction in the category: "You are so glad you will be satisfied".

* Enter "+1" if the satisfaction is "OK to be slightly satisfied".

* Enter "0" if the most accurate sense is "not sure" is "no problem".

* Enter "-1" "slightly disappointed" to "not quite right".

* Enter "-2" if the best answer is "very disappointed" to "very unhappy."

on the question "I am on the way to Noway" that "I think I want to go over a rock".

Use this scoring system to enter a number to the left of the factors to make positive or negative stresses. If you've completed all 25, please add your score and read my stress. After that, of course, we offer a REAL wellness mindset / lifestyle, no matter how good (good) or low (time reorganized) your score on this stress test.

_____ 1. Selection of a career or career

_____ 2. Current position or ability for satisfying living

_____ 3. Family or associate status

_____ 4. Primary relationships (family and best friends) 19659002] _____ 5. Have fun and enjoy the good times regularly

_____ 6. The number of recent times when you feel you are happy that "life is good"

_____ 7. Financial situation and future prospects

_____ 8 Understand who you are and how it evolves (self-esteem and trust)

_____ 9. The meaning and purpose of life (including "spirituality")

_____ 10. Self-assessment and estimation of others you

_____ 11. Prospects that affect those who know you and possibly others

_____ 12. Sexual life

_____ 13. Test how no

_____ 14. Home Life, including Interests and Passions

_____ 15. Vitality and Education – Issues and Facts that are Not related to Your Work or Occupation

_____ 16. Changes , crises, failures and all kinds of unexpected situations

_____ 17. Nutrition knowledge, attitudes and patterns of consumption

_____ 18. Ability to regenerate disappointments, pains and tragedies

_____ 19. Potentials

_____ 20 Interaction and Balanced Quality in Life

_____ 21. Feel that life is a curve upward to you in a better and more complete time

_____ 22. Level of participation on issues of direct interest and concern

_____ 23. Parental attitudes and guidance for children related roles / principles

_____ 24. Role of the network with friends, relatives and / or others

_____ 25. Accepting the inevitable reality of aging, decline and inactivity

Add the plus number and subtract it minus numbers. Enter the total amount in this space: ______

Ardell Wellness Stress Test Interpretation

+ 60 – + 75 – You are in a very good position and it is unlikely that stress factors will consistently cause serious problems. There are many positive factors in your life that are more than just any stress management technique (such as deep breathing, meditation, etc.). It largely protects the negative effects of negative emotions in adapting to life. There are few challenges that are likely to detract you from near good public health if your satisfaction level is still as high as this rating indicates.

+ 36 – + 59 – You are good, much better than most. You have to find the information available about the wellness concept attractive and consistent with their efficient and healthy lifestyle movement. You already have a well-configured ability to handle events and circumstances creatively and effectively. Further advancements are easy to find for you. Every good intention is to acquire new skills, especially critical thinking, living experience, physical fitness, and extending personal freedom and choices.

+ 20 – + 35 – You have a well-founded recognition of the importance of lifestyle choices in influencing the quality of your life. You know the accumulated positive effects of personal responsibility, support environment and small changes over time. In the coming months, additional energies will be invested in ways to strengthen certain areas. May Outline Your Satisfaction while Reducing Stressors

0-19 – Obviously, you can benefit from a modest investment to reduce stress and increase your joys. Pulsing the negative environment may cause emotional failure. It is now taking steps to avoid steady progress towards a good way of life and self-efficacy

-18 to -37 – Everyday life is a problem of good living stress – and deserves attention. Constantly negative stress in life can jeopardize motivation to respond wisely and maintain the energy level of good health and enjoyable life. You are an advisory candidate. You are too pessimistic or have serious problems in treating stress.

From -38 to -75. What are you doing for life – are you North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il, the ruling dictator of the Hermit Kingdom? Something, there's a lot to do to make cargo easier so that we can avoid the great burden of your life. Let's look at the clear side for a moment – you're still alive, you've been able to do the test without having heart disease and you're probably more humorous. But seriously, if you really emphasized this little awareness-raising question, it's time to chat with a wellness specialist. I suggest that you now begin to draw attention to yourself.

The only best solution to dealing with negative stress is to prevent it first. The safest way to find the many ways to enjoy life every day. It also helps you find a job that will allow you to challenge your talents and your talents. Also, find a reason or project or two that adds a report. Providing services to others is a proven way of improving your own situation. All that rises and inspires reduces anxiety, stress and fear. Do everything you can to increase your enjoyment of pleasure and pleasure. There are many ways of happiness. They offered a better, more concise formula of happiness than Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899), the great nineteenth-century nun girl of the golden age of Freemasonry. Ingersoll said happiness was a great virtue. Many today know his words about the subject: "The place of happiness is here, it is time to be happy and happy to be others to do so."

Thank you for your self-assessment test. All good wishes. Be well.

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