It is important for everyone and everyone concerned to be clearly aware that drilled debates within academic and academic communities are dead and have been for years. The most important indicator of this development is that virtually every US and Canadian professional organization has a public view of the practice of repression regarding the care and treatment of children.

Overwhelming accumulation has been associated with a number of risk factors during research over the past 50 years, despite professional practice, professional consensus has increased globally … even if 52 countries have banned the total ban … including Countries such as Sweden, Finland, Austria, Norway, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Israel, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Iceland, France and Ukraine … with Italy, South Africa, Scotland, Canada and Ireland seemingly the next suit. It should also be noted that every industrialized country in the world, with the exception of the US, has introduced a total ban on corporal punishment in schools. There is evidence, and the evidence has substantiated proof of the trial.

As supportive of humanity's supportive views on websites typically supported by fundamentalist Christian sects, find supportive views to promote propaganda of homophobia, racism, Misogyny and other "hatred groups". Due to the fact that the actual agenda of these places is often misleadingly disguised as organizational titles, such as "Family Council", "People's Choice," "Rights and Freedoms," etc., People are forced to exercise a very reasonable distinction between information available on the Internet. Some web surfers had to learn the hard way that the Internet has "persuasive demonstrations of" facts and figures "that can prove that they are no more than religious, political or philosophical attempts to distribute self-service misrepresentation.

30+ years researching / evaluating the topic of the research team, I am very confident that I have never had an expert-reviewed study that was able to create guarding efficiency as a tool for long-term behavioral modification; as an effective teaching mode; as an effective punishment; or as a means of incorporating self-discipline. Research results have not been published in expert journals for refusing previous research results. This earlier research has found that spinning involves the risk of undesirable emotional consequences; the risk of physical injury; the risk of counter-productive behavioral outcomes; risk of developing dependency on external control; and a tendency toward power-directed behavior. Furthermore, no research data was available that would suggest that puncture does not endanger the quality of parent-child relationship (and I must add that the conservative editorial review of previous research results does not constitute actual research.

However, spankers who have to refuse, ignore or let research results in the field of pilot studies related to social science. Well, especially those people I must mention are alarming new research findings that are the most serious consequences of physical punishment … even when they were made in the form of documented scientific evidence.

These revelations resulted in CAT SCAN images that resulted in abnormal shortcomings in brain development within the brain section responsible for early functioning) in children who have been used as a punitive measure. For the sake of the homogeneity of the sample, researchers have opted for studies in the category of "abused" children. Common sense says that this does not eliminate the possibility that minor brain damage can occur in spanked children subjected to less vulnerable violence. In other words, it would be ridiculous to assume that a child was first punctured by bruising, cuts, or welts (or other injuries) before the physical punishment could result in brain damage. Rather, it is more logical to conclude that the physical aggression of young children can interfere with or prevent the optimal conditions for facilitating the normal development of a healthy brain.

As far as I am concerned, this new field of research (which is obviously not yet available on the Internet) is the most interesting and indisputable reason that has been discovered to persuade parents to stop (or not start) their children as a strike measure . And I hope all the pro-spankers who read it will feel the same way. It is difficult to imagine that a parent who would be willing to treat your child in a way that would carry a distant risk of brain damage to your child.

But despite all that we have said, in fact, we should not have to look for research that eliminates the practice of killing children as much as we needed research to put an end to the practices of striking wives. As a society, there was no need for the research results to convince us of the adverse effects of physical punishment

. Instead, when society has come to the point that it is no longer willing to tolerate social tolerance for their husbands to physically discipline their wives, our decision to do so is based on the social morality of a larger human being. Perhaps the next step is to make the decision to start recognizing children through progress, as well as the same protection against the strike.

We no longer see any adult member of society left out the jurisdiction of defense laws, which only enjoyed the more privileged and "deserved" (ie, the white men of law), irrespective of race, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation . One of our adult citizens is not legally protected as a result of any form of bullying, threats, defamation, discrimination or violence. So, given that our inheritance offers greater humanity to those with lower social status by welcoming them to our equality in the eyes of the law [az erőszakos bánásmódban]who would be excluded from the younger, weaker societies to allow them to join them who are already divided in the security and comfort of the security that is protected by the law

is all generous if we know that they are already willing to share the assault law umbrella even with the most fearsome adult criminals. After all, children are the last segments of a common human collective society, who are still considered a decent game for physical aggression. We show strange emotions when we do not allow the jailer to break a shovel and start smashing at an anonymous head of a sociopathic death penalty who kills the rush we give him, but we are still helpless, vulnerable young children who deserve such treatment [19659002] It is a fact that the prisoners 'prisoners' physical liberty is called 'cruel and unusual punishment', 'brutality' or 'serious assault'. And if physical punishments are repeated as a routine criminal measure, such treatment of detainees falls within the concept of "torture".

Why would the murderer be less physically disciplined than a helpless 3 year old?

Logically, morally, humane, and scientifically, the debate about flooding is dead … except those who raise objections to further social progress.

As we evolve as a society, bearing in mind that there was historically a time when it was acceptable to legally attribute other people; when intellectuals were generally held by evil spirits; a time when men were legally shooting in official duels; a time when public spaces were part of family picnics; when public flogging was considered to be an acceptable punishment; when the gentleman agreed that husbands should not defeat their wife with a switch that was "bigger than the thumb" (later known as "thumb rule"); and there was a time when there was no law strictly defeating their children (the killing of children was of course unacceptable, but any chance of being mutilated as a result of disciplinary action) was tolerated.)

punishments. It is time to further enhance our social sophistication by reaching a general agreement that any physical punishment against children is so socially unacceptable and repulsive as the earlier violent behavior we have set ourselves behind.

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