The development of the brain plays an important role in the quality of a person's entire life.

And human brain development actually begins in the womb. This places great responsibility on the mother and especially on the diet she receives in the pregnancy diet.

Why? Since brain development for optimal infants depends on how much the fetus is sufficient for certain specific essential oils, especially omega-3 fatty acids with DHA.

Brain Development Begins

The infant brain begins four weeks after conception. Therefore the foundation can still be started even if the woman becomes pregnant. It is therefore strongly recommended that women undergoing pregnancy get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in their diet with DHA.

Many scientists believe that DHA consumption separates us from primitive offspring. In other words, many of our great human brain was developed as a direct result of our early ancestors and DHA was given to their diet.

This is the idea of ​​how important omega-3 oils are with DHA to brain development.

The decline of brain capacity was also observed in our very early ancestors who lived on a diet that was low or deficient in DHA. But after crossing from Southeast to the coastal areas where many fish came, a rapid increase in brain capacity was taking place.

Scientists believe that Homo Sapiens (which one of us) could not develop without adding DHA from fish oil to their diet. Our big brain gives extraordinary learning ability, communicates, justifies and creates all the wonderful things around us.

And all this begins with the brain of the fetus. In 25-28 weeks of pregnancy, after a number of rapid changes, the baby's brain and nervous system control certain bodily functions. However, there is still a lot of growth and 12 weeks for the entire pregnancy period.

But omega-3 fatty acids continue to work on the brain and nervous system and are still important for providing a full-time child.

It's strange to think that fish from the ocean prevent swirling from grapes. He will be grateful that his ancestors have decided to vacation on the beach. Researchers at the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition in London point out that low birth weight babies are born in mothers who are not adequately fed during pregnancy.
These babies have shown that they are deficient in DHA.

Since brain developmental abnormalities may last, a good number of omega-3 oils in the good pregnancy diet belong to DHA. This means that we eat more fatty fish, supplemented with high quality, pure fish oil capsules or both. As you can see, for the optimum brain development, every day a mother gets omega-3 fish oil. After all, if you are an infant, you may be smart as well.

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