Let them know that June 20 is the holy day of the Mammon Church. In 1815, it was the day of the greatest consolidation of personal wealth in the most widespread history, and an event that has enormous consequences today. What happened? In order to give this interesting historical historical context, let us not forget that Napoleon Bonaparte fought two days before June 20, 1815 for the future of Europe in Waterloo, Belgium. The outcome of this battle determines which nation had the greatest influence over Europe – the Kingdom of France or Napoleon's French Empire.

At the time of Waterloo, Mayor Amschel Rothschild, the mayor of the Rothschild family, created five trees across Europe to ensure consistency across Europe as a financial institution. In particular, Amschel's sons were in Frankfurt, Vienna, Naples, Paris, and the brightest was Nathan London. Their business was largely based on the principle of lending on both sides of armed conflicts. The kings need money to fight the fight and the reception of both parties is a prosperous, risk-free business. Quality information was essential to business success, so the family developed a communication network that exceeded any other news or spy agencies in the day to make quicker, more informed decisions.

The story shows that at the time of the Battle of Waterloo, Rothschild Spy Rothworth rode on the English Channel, overwhelmed in dangerous and stormy waters, and arrived in England a day before Napoleon's defeat came to England. With this information, Nathan arrived on the London Stock Exchange on June 20, 2012.

Nathan knew he was in a certain location and gave minority orders to merchants. This morning, he had no emotion on the market and began to liquidate the stock of English bonds and securities that caused the shock of the market. Soon there was a scam on the dealer: "Rothschild knows that Napoleon has won the war!" This further moved the market and went into sales panic, everyone tried to get out of their investments and cash to keep their fortunes. Bonds were now in a small part of their former value. However, on the same day, the Rothschild dealers quietly bought the bonds and securities at the expense of these severely depressed fires.

When Napoleon lost his official news the next day, the market rebounded and shot after the previous watermark, and the Rothschild family now has a significant amount of British national ownership debt. Thanks to the wealth and wealth of the shepherd's wealth, the 20th of June is explicitly respected by the Mammon Church. From this era comes Nathan Rothschild's famous, astonishing quote: "I do not care what a puppet in English throbbing to rule against the Empire." The man who controls British money is supply controlled by the British Empire and I control the British money supply. "

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