Disneyland, the so-called Disney Magic Kingdom, uses the labels "The happiest place on earth." Despite the fact that people are on the road for more than an hour or they are still happy on an event. What makes the happiest place on earth?

According to Tel Aviv University's study, the key is disturbing customers' happiness so they do not realize how long they are waiting. Prof. Dan Zakay says: Our time sensation is subjective. People can walk better if they think they lose too much time. & # 39; Zakay realized that people who have to look at them are halfway waiting for those who are in line with the line. Jakay says, "People basically want to feel that their time is valuable and they do not waste."

The formal name of the phenomenon is random psychology. So when Snow White, Mickey, Mini Mouse or other Disney characters welcome the visitors, they are not only friendly but disappointing to entertain and distract people from that moment on. In addition, the lines of Disney Parks are not straight lines. These retracting patterns, so the next turn can never disappear, so it's more impressive.

They conditioned people to think about the inside that builds perceptions – the same place that builds dreams.

Exactly where you are right now, you can feel that you are the happiest place in the world. You can assume that you use the space inside you, which builds dreams. Look at the things that remind you to think in themselves. What is the most likely to divert your everyday job?

Extremely powerful confusing elements are listening to your favorite lively music or favorite motivational loudspeakers. Be aware that it will take you to the place where you build dreams.

Be a happy day as you have the happiest place in your mind that builds dreams.

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