Do not be greedy, do not be miserable, do not be hostile, cleverly simple, and understandably simply understand and you will know how to think deeply. I'm starting this article. Patience, understanding, and tolerance are the only things that are mentioned above. Greed, foolishness and illogical thinking and action, fake power, greed and perishable seed all that exists. This is my point too. Reality is the place of true power, understanding, self-knowledge and tolerance. This fantasy is all about this headquarters of fake power, greed and corruption, especially self-corruption. Be real with yourself, and life and existence are beginning to be true to you. It may not always be good outdoors, but it will always be pretty good and everything that matters to you.

But deep thinking becomes extremely tolerable. If that were not the case then all kinds of offenses would be lawfully lawful and would have no consequences, and impatience would not be paid for a speeding or an accident if not tolerant enough to be on the road.

I'm pretty sure my message is pretty old, but efficiency and honesty are not. This is my other point. As long as my message is good and not just "sounds good", I will live, breathe and always expose myself. Because if you look at the world today, the contrast is in my message and never works, not at times. So let's determine how to do things and be prepared if you're not lazy or prolonged. Because the pernicious core that can be talked about in the first paragraph and the fake power is what they do not live. Because there is a "character wave", which is actually a positive or good character error: I live in reality and do what works best. It does not matter, even if you do not like it sometimes, because "there are no lunches available to you to live less." You heard that I said this paragraph in quotation: There are no free lunches to live less, the less they pay for them. Look, many lazy people around the world, Plato was right, normal human nature can easily be shaped, shaped and controlled for its own benefit and is greedy and pathetic and can not be trusted. But for some people, Aristotle was right, the benefit is beneficial, logically, no matter what to do for this benefit. He got a good character, he never was born, he said. So in this vein I want to say that good looks are born, never gained, unless they come from the character inside them. I know those physically ugly people who have a beautiful character and are physically present with the so-called osmosis. Well, I will not go into every detail, but I'm sure one thing is certain, the character will be the person rather than the person being the character. The winner looks like a winner from the inside, just like a loser. The point is, people are actually coming from a very deep level.

I'm watching TV news. Usually they are generally physically great people, right? Sure. But when they report enough about evil and dread, the character of the news will be shown through good looks. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. You feel that the nature of the killing happened or the fire that set the building or the natural park in the mountains, regardless of how well dressed or what a beautiful smile at the end of the news program. Somehow you got stuck with the whole real character, and your whole body seems to die a bit from all reported misery and then smiles and finally looks kind. When they say that words "say evil is better than good," you cry and say a tired, but simple, "sure" word. What else you can do, you're so tired of this idiotic pantomime as if it were a real existence. Think deeply, come on, stretch your mind. This is a humble article that says you like it. So, think, think about the point I'm doing here, because I've been watching the news more closely than most people need to take care of this example, not just this article. But to understand the whole reality of the situation of life and all situations. Suppose I consider myself as a winning player in both the students, the masters, the students of master and reality, and the great game of life and existence. And I can give you the deep oasis I "understand". Have courage in people, there is no pedagogical infinity, and every principle is understandable if you are willing to understand, observe, and act discipline, thinking, control, patience, understanding, tolerance and consistent rational effort. This was the article, the humble article was as real as I could. We all decide to look at things as we want to look at them. You can choose the best mode.

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