Early childhood usually includes the first eight years of an individual's life. Education in these years of the child's life plays a very important role and helps children develop properly. Early childhood education is fundamentally "learning through toy". Recent research has shown that the eight-year era is crucial to the lives of all children, as the brain develops at this stage and lays down most of the "wires". Children's dietary experiences and relationships can greatly influence the mental growth of children. While good early childhood education helps the brain develop in a healthy way, studying inadequate education or playing without the other can affect the brain's development. Thus, children's experiences and learning can support them throughout their lives in the early years.

Recent studies of early childhood education have shown some remarkable successes. The effect of children on motivation and learning power is long. Today, where education has played a very important role in a society, it is not right to postpone investment in child education until they become pregnant and do not expect them until they reach school age. In fact, early childhood is a fundamental phase of life for the intellectual, emotional and social development of the child. In addition, the most important thing is that the growth of intellectual abilities is surprising and much of the learning is taking place during this time

It is very important for every parent to understand that the child is the first eight years to realize his or her identity. These are very important years when children gain self-esteem and learn to associate themselves with people around them. To some extent, they understand and behave. Therefore, we recommend that early childhood education in these years be given more emphasis on playing children through children's play and keeping relationships. In addition, many child development experts agree that play is important for children's learning and emotional development. The game can be versatile and often helps educate children's various skills. Additionally, playing on the toy will help you learn social skills, values ​​and ethics.

Of course, today it is not incorrect to say that early childhood education is the most important element that helps build the foundation of God in the child's educational success. Each child learns the habits and forms that, in later years, will not change easily. If parents and educators will be able to develop early educational patterns for their children, these children will achieve great educational success. The lack of parental interaction in early childhood can negatively affect the child's development. Ultimately, parents and educators have an equal responsibility to provide children with a good early childhood education that further enhances the development of their personality.

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