I recently wondered which of these two laws are more relevant at this time … The Law of Attraction or the Law of Misrepresentation

In fact, I did not oppose but rather

If you have not spent the last years in complete isolation, it is very likely that he heard something about the Law of Attraction (LOA).

The principle of LOA is that it is attracted. In other words, circumstances in his life have direct consequences as conscious and unconscious dominant thoughts. Therefore, the law is always working, regardless of whether it is devoted to consciousness or attention to it.

In 2006, a film release entitled "The Secret" helped to catapult the law of attraction into mainstream. Many who came to the terms of the law have come up with a misinterpretation of the content, which meant that whatever you needed to fulfill your desires was to "ask" something, focus on it, and ** POOF **, magically you get!

… Just make a wish!

And unfortunately, many (maybe even you?) Have taken advantage of the validity of the law because they were not able to achieve measurable results for initial experimentation in conceptual life.

But not your fault …

The problem is, you did not teach anything about Reversibility law. And without knowing this law, the results are likely to be marginal, at best.

Yet you've probably never heard of Reversibility Law, right?

It's hard to describe but officially "get it", your life will never be the same!

First, you must understand that all transformations of power can be reversed. (Heat is an example of transformation of power, such as current or controlled imagination and thus a cause-effect effect.)

For example, if friction (power transformation) generates electricity, then the law "Reversibility" so that electricity can cause friction. If so, if a physical factor creates a psychological state, IN REVERSE a psychological state can produce a physical fact. And why is this? Well, think about its consequences …

If you knew exactly how you would feel if you were to realize your dream or goal and repeat that feeling spiritually, physically and psychologically (your state of mind) then the law of reversibility will automatically your goals. Meaning?

Then your job is to assume and maintain a sense of your dream or destiny as long as your dream does not come to mind. And in order to maintain this feeling, you must live, move and BE in this belief …

It is the conviction that you are already or that you are what you desire.

19659002] Instead of wishing a wish and concentrating on the desired results, I want you to assume that your dreams are fulfilled and then continue to practice until you experience the feeling until FEEL becomes real. I like to hear that you are successfully using these laws to reach your goals! Please visit my blog or send me an email!

Next time, be creative!

J. Shoop

Your Visualization Coach TM

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