The Peace Law is a universal law from the universe that allows you to extract positive energy from a human, place, or thing (thought).

Then use what the recent negative thought out of the positive thoughts of the atmosphere. This is based on the emission energy (the dispatcher) and the mutually agreed (recipient).

Since the mind can only think of a thought once, it can only replace a thought thought.

Looking back on the origin of science, you find statistical facts such as; the material can not be destroyed, can only be transformed or transformed into another state

Exactly the same concept works and is equally applicable to your thoughts and the rearrangement of your thoughts. The more negative you learn to replace the positive, the more positive the energy you will invoke into your life.

For example: Negative Negative. The moment you entertain your negative thoughts, the moment you have to think of something or someone that can feel good about bypassing the negative energy and filling the right thought. After experiencing your first positive feeling, you strive to focus on this thought and nourish it with other leading positives.

We'll do this until we have a healthy relationship with your thoughts and thoughts. You want to create a lifestyle from positive thinking. Positive Thinking is a habit that you own or choose not to learn and gain the enjoyable magnetic aura. Make Your Choice to Obtain the Habit

Your positive thinking has more power than the negative, which seeks to penetrate your mind and defeat your life.

The more you practice exercising your mind, the positive habit will rise until you reach your access point. You are more likely to think about thinking and living a life than one of the most important achievements of your positive endurance.

One of the most important questions of the law of substitution …

When the healing process is actually taking place between negative thoughts

The healing process takes place at the moment when it makes conscious decision to obey its conscious status if a negative replaces a thought with a positive thought.

be right to know your reality. The exact date of the transition (recovery), which coincides with the right of exchange. It then comes from negative thinking resulting from the positive energy of positive thinking. The healing process is actually happening during the transition, after you have decided this.

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