Sales do not save your business, "Super" Joe Pardo answers the questions the owners are about how to create a viable and successful business beyond sales. The book's title is very good because, as Joe points out, selling a lot of products does not help your business if you do not have an effective team to handle customer service and you do not have the right process to prepare for sales growth. As a result, Joe takes the reader for a trip to the TOP by dividing the book into three parts focusing on the team, the bid, and the process.

Following Lee Cockerell's premise, Walt Disney World® retired executive vice president Resort, Super Joe argues straight away that it is like asking the readers to remember why the business was first launched, what is the most stress-generating in the store and what they can do to empower themselves in the store. 19659002] Joe mentions the content page as a schedule and does not refer to each chapter as a "pin" instead of chapters on this roadmap – a place that needs to be set and mastered on the road to business growth.

The focus of the book is the reader's request to be self-conscious. Joe reminds readers to ask others about the feedback of their own strengths and weaknesses, ask for help, not work on death, and focus on their impact on others. This impact affects the business owner's team members and their successes so the first part of the book focuses on how to create a successful team that is the business and owner's extension. Like Joe says, "Your stores are a tree, and the roots of the tree are strong relationships." Entrepreneurial ownership also means you have to be a leader, which means you have to dig and have to do the job yourself. Joe says: "Sometimes there is a need for a lack of workers or an emergency, because in such situations it is important that your team understands that it does not just retire and do everything But this does not mean that you have to work at your business all the time, a great leader knows how to find the balance that will look for respect. "

Leadership is the team's inspiration, and it also means that it entrusts the team to do what it can do if it has no time for it. It is often difficult for leaders to resign from others, but Joe points out that when he tries to look at the team, leaders get into power; that teammates secondly guess the leaders and do what they think, even if they do not always know what they want. Therefore, leaders must empower full power

Changes are always difficult for organizations, so if you want to implement Joe's recommended changes, you have to deal with people who do not like

Consequently, Joe spent a lot of time talking how to change your business without having to put too many pens. In order to illustrate his point, he shares his own story about changing the family's business and that, despite some hoarse pens, the process would have been successful.

The ultimate goal is to make any changes to ensure customer satisfaction. In Part 2: Focusing on the offer, Joe talks about how to properly pay for the products and how to coordinate your team with customer service. The best advice Joe gives here is to teach your team to focus on customer perspectives while providing services.

Part 3: Focusing on the process, Joe reminds us that businesses are always looking for ways to develop. This requires clear procedures. Once the processes have been established, team members are clear about their tasks and then the business runs smoothly. As a result you do not need micromanage; it's time to work on your business and not to work on it.

I know a lot more about here – excellent advice on renting, firing, and team members promoting; advice on incorporating technology into business; and advise on how to increase your profits by improving training. All in all, Joe is entertaining the sayings of "Super Joe Says," which are like modern farmers. Each needle ends with the exercises so that readers can not only read, but experience learning, enabling them to look at their own business and make the necessary answer. As a result, they close this book, which has the tools to increase their business to new levels of growth and their own lives.

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