To understand what the power of consciousness and what is the realm of consciousness, we need to understand how the learning process of the brain works.

Biologist and behaviorist Konrand Lorenz in his book "Behind the Mirror" describes in detail the process of learning the animal and the human brain from amoeba to giant mammals.

Lorenz explains to us that animal behavior is programmed depending on the chains. Human behavior is programmed in the same way.

Behavioral programs are, above all, essential for all the nations of the earth, where they are endangered by too many hazards and natural enemies. There is no time for them to learn to defend themselves if this behavior is not inherited and they are prepared for their cognitive mechanisms.

The cognitive mechanism is the mechanism through which the brain can recognize something and learn something from a certain experience.

For example, an orangutan can learn to climb a small bench to reach a bunch of bananas hanging near the roof when he is alone in the room when he sees the banana and then sees the bench.

Of course, it takes time to discover the solution, but you'll eventually find it and get the banana.

Lorenz observed that the human brain follows many behavioral behaviors like any animal and states that man has no choice. There are so many behavioral programs, which means that the human being is programmed in a certain way at many points.

Pavlov's dog was conditioned to get moaned when a bell ringed because he learned that every time he heard the bell, he was fed. This simple example shows us how an animal can learn when we learn to recognize something through conditioning.

So, through the brain learning process, an animal can:

1. Solve a Problem

2. Learn From Some Experiences

If an animal believes in power, it would mean that it would be able to solve all its problems and find many, many things to do without it.

When we talk about the theoretic power associated with the human brain, we are talking about how one must endlessly learn the problems and solve the problems in the same way, but use more capacity and be able to interfere with the reality he observes and transforms with his mind .

However, behavioral programs often inherited by the human brain do not help human survival, though they are always a defense system for irrational animals.

This means that the power and true vision of the true mind of the mind of consciousness can only be given to the human being by overcoming animal behavioral programs that do not help him in his life and stop life being restricted.

This is when he discovers the energy and strength of his own mind and can intervene in the reality he observes and transforms.

How can this be achieved with anyone?

There is an excellent method available in our century: the scientific method of sleep interpretation that expresses the meaning of mysterious dream messages to you to learn how to reach wisdom is the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

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