We meet a challenge day or the other day. In our world, estimated to be 7 billion people, no one is free of challenges or exempt from the challenges.

Most people think that challenges, others cause problems, are factors or outsiders. This is not entirely true

Well, there are millions of people who know from personal experience that the challenges ahead are the factors they are causing them and are not entirely outside factors. The challenge is to test someone's abilities or a situation that encourages someone's abilities.

This is one of Google's many challenges and is right. Whatever your profession, vocation, passion, status or position in life, you face challenges every day.

Fully face the challenge you are through and organize them. We must not behave like an ostrich and hide our heads under the sand, pretend that the challenges will go away or not exist.

I just want to remind my dear readers and fans that when faced with the challenges

Spiritual, emotional, physical, spiritual and social growth comes from solving problems, takes personal responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds. I'm already here as a teacher. I hope I'm not bored. I'm sorry if I am.

During my meditation, I read a statement about the royal decree on AMORC's many digestions the next day.

Tells the cosmic masters who silently serve mankind today were ordinary men and women at the same time as you and me. These masters were the problem solvers beneath their many incarnations on the earthly plane. Now the great humanity, the great light, the cosmic servant, have been thoroughly enlightened

The great way to enlightenment and service to God and mankind. This is good and acceptable to me. But what do you think, dear? Challenges or problems, in most cases, are not the devil, Satan, our enemies, the generation of curse, as some religious people want us to accept, no matter what.

We are attracting these challenges to ourselves, with true and deep-seated intent in all existing planes of growth. This is the truth, the whole truth, and just the truth. But please do not accept the hook, line and lowering. Reflect it.

Look around and see those who are truly enlightened, great, powerful, spiritual, successful, etc. You will find that they are problem solvers and have many challenges and are still passing through.

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