The most treacherous secret of the ages is that the genius is invisible to us all. This is not something we can achieve or develop. This is something we already know when we realize that we are resting in us. This is the genius, the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the real superpower that makes our lives. Each person has an unconscious component for them. For example, our heart beat our part without any effort, our digestive system, our sight, our eyesight, our tastes, our fragrances, and so on. Without any conscious effort, they will happen. Everything that happens in our lives is unconscious.

This concept can be further expanded and include inanimate objects such as rocks, wood, air, water, fire, etc. His mind. These objects are unconscious, and unconscious laws bind them. In fact, the unconscious component actually penetrates into every thing and exists everywhere.

We tend to think that loss of consciousness is characteristic of our minds, but in reality, unconsciousness comes from the nature of existence. The only conscious consciousness is our consciousness based on the unconscious. However, if everything is unconscious, consciousness must also be under consciousness. The unconscious mind therefore is in consciousness, so a universe has remained mind that penetrates all objects and things and is aware of it.

In order for the genius to come to us, they simply have to connect to this greatness The universal mind, through our own way of thinking. The way we work can make contact. All we have to do is to act and think in a way that strengthens the relationship with the power within us. So we can easily roll to our goals. Therefore, we do not do what enables us to achieve our dreams but how to do it.

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