I was strangled by a man who had the unfortunate mistake of marrying him. In addition to his own separate copies of hair, and other times that he held my throat, he was directed and emotionally drained. The connection became abusive, but I was lucky enough to get out of it early.

After we divorced, she and her mother told her all the lies about what was happening, the way she meant more than she was. They told people I went because I just did not want to get married and did not want to work. Obviously, this method of covering sinners was how he came through life. The truth was that there was nothing to offer to become abusive, and although I tried to leave many times, he did not let go. When he realized my departure was inevitable, he became increasingly physical and controlling. Who knows what other lies they said to avoid responsibility, but how would you ever really know the truth?

This part of my experience has brought about a discovery that was much greater than me and my situation: Make sure you get to know more deeply by knowing or understanding a person, a situation, or a faith. Finally, all things will disappear. The most important thing is to always ask questions.

It is said that time cures all wounds, but is it really … or is it time to overwrite reality? Time is a tool; nothing more. It treats the deceiver as a wanderer and a place to wake up in the hands of honest people. For example, they can tell their lies about their actions and leave the time unquestionably to bury and consolidate that lie as truth (remember even the family, friends, teachers, or enemies). When questioning, truth remains alive.

How do you know how the world was born if you were not there? How do you know that dragons do not really exist? Your teachers were not there and they did not have their teachers. Even if they were, people tend to tell the truth as they see it, not really. Time wastes most of the ancient history, and many of us have a mystery. Now rely on others to tell us the stories of the past, but how do we know that what we are saying is the truth if we do not dive deeper into the surface?

When I was very little of my cousin, who was not much older than me, one day he really said that the unicorn was real. She told me they were hunted because people thought their horns were magical. Of course, that sounds of course fantastic, two little girls talk about the myth of the unicorn, but I always wonder where he came to this idea. Was it your own or told her? This is actually pretty good explanation, if you're thinking enough to consider it. What can we find if it is weird enough to thoroughly examine this theory? I never asked how he heard this; For the time being I just listened. But when you think about it, does not it lead to extinction to what we do with elephants now? Was not that what we did about our sperm whale? What stories will we tell our children about the white rhinoceros? What is hiding the truth in the history of the miraculous myths that we are not the face of our past acts and the truth of their neglect? It sounds like my exem. [Undo] When we are kids, our hearts lead a lot more than our minds. Only our curiosity may be directly related to the most widespread dominance of children and our hearts at that time. Your heart has spread and you have seen the time, the past, the present, and the future. You know the truth as it is, was and should be. This is the source of our intuition. Perhaps that is why we were conditioned to silence it, and why we hear the word "follow your heart" that so few people are listening to them.

You do not just think what you take into account in your five limited senses; what if there are more? We believe in your heart, especially in today's world, which questions you; and this is a question, not the time that reveals the truths. So, who is listening to you if you are not your own heart?

Questions are answered by the answer. Time does not necessarily mean asking questions. Time did not reveal the truth that was on the moon, the question of what was there or how we got there turned out. Time will not reveal the truth of what happened to dinosaurs, the question is, and just as time will not reveal the truth about us, about you, or the love interest you need to know better before it goes too far. Time will burble us and bury when the time comes. The only role-playing game you really play shows how long you needed to put up with the right question.

It often takes time to think about the right questions, but do not answer it. What we are really doing is time wasting because we are under consciousness of what the answer is (especially if the question is about ourselves or truths we do not really want to face). We do not take the time to investigate or examine questions that arise in ourselves or in society. Use time as a tool. Time as a tool instead of manifestation and continuous enlightenment is a place to forget the truth because it is uncomfortable.

Time is a torch that lights every generation of bright little lights and withdraws the conditioned one received that he taught us to accept blindly; this is the chance. Answers are expanding; so ask everything, including yourself. Finally, we enter a time in which your path is more acceptable and ask what you have been taught (although we still have this way). Now we have a chance to use this. Time is infinite and widespread as it should be; the question is finding and finding the best part.

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