first Stress is expected and pervasive.
Stress is normal. Everyone feels that work, relationships, family decisions and decisions, the future, etc. Stress affects everyone every day, and above all, stress offers the pressure we need for an urgent situation.

2nd Stress is a motivator and challenging.
Given the pressure mentioned above, stress can be positive. There is a need for a certain amount of stress for the best work. The key to stress management is to determine the appropriate amount of stress that will result in energy, ambition and enthusiasm, as opposed to a bad amount that can damage your health and well-being. Positive stress is a motivating factor that is challenging to act creatively and ingeniously.

3rd Handle inappropriately instead of handling stress.
Some easy ways to treat stress: Realistic; do not look too far; be flexible; Timeout; exercise; lead to a healthy lifestyle; touch spirituality; easy to criticize; and communicate.

4th Treat stress for personal benefits.
Confirm that stress is good and cause tension to your friend. Because of the natural battle or flight response of the organization, this energy waste increases its performance at the right moment. A professional sporty player should never relax completely before a big game. Use stress wisely to make it a little harder if it matters.

5th There is no stress-free life.
Stress is part of life in both small and large quantities. Comes to life with every day inconvenience and irritations, such as traffic jams, long lines in stores, dealing with a demanding boss and arguing with the spouse or child. Stress also involves crises and life-changing events such as illness, marital problems, financial difficulties, divorce or death. All of these events will force you to stop, regardless of whether you are prepared or not.

6th Do not hesitate to ask for help if necessary.
If stress is not properly treated, the stuttering agents have a constant and cumulative effect, both small and large, with great impact. Do not hesitate to consider counseling. It is not a sign of weakness in aid but rather a desire for personal growth and an increased ability to cope with the living conditions.

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