Error is the flipside of success. We call the opposite of success and you do not mistake us.

Our way of thinking determines how to look at this 7-letter word. I'm sure you agree with me here. But if not, please read it.

Some of us the word is a stairway. For others this is a scandal. Different Strokes for Different People

However, no matter how we consider this error rate, there are consequences. It may be positive or negative, progressive or regressive, constructive, destructive.

When setting goals, goals, deadlines, or anything else. Or you meet goals or not.

If you meet our goal, we consider ourselves successful, and if not, then let's be self-sacrificing. Some are blaming factors that are independent of mistakes.

Others, who read our body language and our attitude, also see that they are unsuccessful. But what is it? Well, it has not been a negative point of view

However, those who are positive, optimistic, constructive, and always looking at a lighter angle know the true meaning of failure. temporary, stairs, rest, sober thinking and character building

If you've lost contact, marriage, your project, your career, your education, your finances, whatever you may feel, feel uncomfortable and depressed. It's natural, so I felt the number of numbers. But we all have

. But let's look beyond the temporary discomfort and look at our situation as another opportunity to reinforce our characters.

Yes, that is exactly – an opportunity to concentrate, be flexible, humble, determined, honest, optimistic, transparent and just, in our relationships with ourselves and others. I have noticed that in the developed and developing countries, huge, wealthy, famous and successful people experience many failures in life. In reality, no one is free of failure

Until this minute, these people are still failing and are not willing to give up. This is the spirit I want to cultivate.

In fact, everyone – the rich and the poor are defective. How we look at the word depends on our thinking.

But building noble characters with big and ordinary people around the world fails. Reflect this

Unsuccessful is a good, desirable side of success and helps build characters for every person in the service of God and in the service of mankind

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