They always overwhelm some of their remarks and actions. They are so self-evident and confused; they got caught up in their own way of life and did not think about what they were doing to others. They may seem pleased, but not deeply because some may consider the material gain as everything. If they have material possessions, nothing else matters and will do everything that protects them. But I remember hearing this saying: "You do not start like this, but how to finish it." You may be starting with these things, but you lose your own selfish devices. Or maybe you still are in it, but you feel empty, wondering why you're not happy if you have all the elements you've checked in your list.

It's good that you're rich, paying your debts and maintaining a luxury lifestyle, but that's not all. Life is much more than material wealth. Many of you will thrive on money-making, but I'm not a slave; money does not pay me. Like most people, I would like to experience a flourishing way of life, but I'm not proud of my profits or the latest BMW. If it does not evolve in my soul, it will only be foolish and funny. I have friends and family who are proud of their financial gain, but I do not deal with it.

A great mom grew up who advised me to work for my achievements and do not do negative things to reach the summit. While I was a teenager, even in my family there were girls around me who were drug dealers or boys with the money. They realized it and felt at the top of the world, but when it came to an end, they understood that it was a temporary thing. Fast life is not all you break through, and pursuing your own performance is better than getting someone else to do it.

It does not matter from the beginning that you're done. Look at your own lifestyle and see how you want it. Positive or negative, can not be done in both ways. People will know how to deal with them and not how rich you are or what kind of car you have.

Thank you for reading and evaluating me.

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