With the pace of life you've ever stopped and takes time on your thoughts and real reports. How does he keep those who are happy and accomplished when their lifestyle is believed to be absolutely miserable. Many philosophers have fought for this, and spent many years alone in the mountains, all the elements of life in their era to a comprehensive expression.

Biologically, of course, is quite simple, the driving force is the continuation of the genetic line

One of the extreme examples of this is that of the Fishing Rod. This animal lives in the extreme ocean and the man is significantly smaller than the female. The men's digestive tract is dying as it matures, which means that they need to find a woman to survive. If you are successful in this quest, you will be fed, but this is not enough to sustain them in the long run. They eventually die and become part of the women and leave only a fertilizer source of evidence that they have ever existed.

We do not reflect the primary importance of the vital importance of living the critical mass of the population. many centuries ago to ensure the survival of the species.

So what is the meaning of life for us?

If we are not here to save the human race, then maybe we should help others. many people throughout history who are planning to build wealth for empires, and devoted their whole life to distributing this wealth according to their passions and beliefs.

Is this the modern interpretation of life?

Initially, we were organized through family structures designed to ensure community survival through breeding. However, over time, when society became more complicated, the need to build skills outside the community was increasingly emphasized.

With this development, the strength of family bonds has weakened as we have been relying more and more on essential aspects of our lives outside our genetic lines, so the efforts to preserve the genetic line have also fallen in our priority list. Instead of simply ensuring the retention of the genetic line, now that we move from family-oriented groups to skill-based community structures, we strive to ensure that our goal is to live in our lives, and that is the difference between many of them

playing wildlife while managing some of his accounts to the wealthy businessman who realized he needed more life than their financial assets. For both of these types of people, their most important driving force is to help others, often do not want to, do not attract attention and enjoy in the knowledge that they have the cause of their lives and make a difference.

This is modern sense of life

We will find true happiness when we know we make a difference to the lives of those around us.

Get this and put all the rest of your life into it.

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