The brain is to develop the power of your mind to control certain parts of the brain. Specifically, the front lobes, part of the neo-cortex, the area usually referred to as the third eye.

Of course the brain is cohesive and you can not work in one part. This means that in order to achieve the frontal lobes, other parts of the brain that stimulate the activity to evolve must also be encouraged.

One way to do this, TA Lingo literally "tickles amygdala." Lingo, a pioneer in neurophysiology, understood that underneath the skulls could hardly lie on the inexhaustible potential and strive to finds a way to take advantage of this potential.The Amigdala was the role of the amygdala in his 1969 research.A Lingo, an almond-shaped organ, says the amygdala behaves like a switch that triggers the super brain, the brain part of the body that becomes deeply active in deep meditation, ecstasy, nirvana, samahdi, transcendence and all of the higher functions, emotions and peak experiences. However, if you retreat, activate R complex or the reptilian brain for our brains for fight or flight

Although it is unusual and largely unaware of his time, time is now confirming what Lingo is : amygdala is like shifting to our spiritual, cosmic super brain, and by tickling or otherwise "clicking forward", we are able to exert our ability to turn on the power button.

The amygdala tickling is a simple technique that opens the door to your super brain and causes a positive reaction in you. To find out how to "tickle the amygdala" and try it out, find the instructions here:

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