The anger was replaced for a long time with zeal. Both words seem to be similar but drastically change in terms of presentation, application and outcome. Anger as zeal for emotional and natural, physical and psychological effects. Anger is a physical response to a threat that can be used for constructive purposes. Over the years, I've learned to use anger and get enthusiastic. Yes, you can reverse the anger and make good use of it to overcome the difficulties you encounter. Anger may be passive; it can also be aggressive and explosive.

This article will help you understand the simple steps to make anger brave, which overcomes difficulties.

-Agger causes loss of self-control; This makes the angry person's mistake easier. He has a strong form of cognitive control.

-Ager activates adrenaline, distracts blood from the intestine and muscles when preparing for physical exertion. This increases heart rate, blood pressure and breathing, which can adversely affect the human system.

– An angry man may lose objectivity, empathy, prudence, negligence and damage. Anger has the extra ability to reduce productivity and increase stress.

It makes anger zealous: The anger wants this to happen, but it does not help the patience in any way, the zeal is understanding. He who has patience knows what he wants. -Franklin. Ask yourself that these 3 simple questions will help you manage your anger effectively and be successful.

# 1 Why am I angry? People who express anger will arouse the excitement of what happened to them, which is true. Sometimes people do not have the ability to control what is happening to them, but we are all able to decide how we react and react to events that come to us. An honest and realistic answer to the above question will help you understand the causes of anger and the practical solution. If you can decipher the cause, you are halfway with anger. First, look for an understanding of the cause and let every other thing do it.

2 Am I the initiator of my anger? It may be your anger. Failure of guilty conscience can cause anger. Failure to do so or failure to do so may cause anger. In this case, you need to take active steps to make such anger productive to use. If it stays alone, anger will only be flawed, self-harm, stress and depression. Get the failure by first learning the lesson and making a definite decision to avoid and improve the cause of the failure in the future.

Did I do what is necessary to prevent and relieve my anger? Anger has limitless limitations when it arises, and can grow into something else. Many say they cannot control their anger, but the truth is that anger can be directed towards constructive use. Anger is no other personality, no other mind; you can control your anger with destructive proportions with the mind's thoughts and the right way. You probably can't control the anger when you consciously think you can't, but if you constantly confirm that you control your emotions (anger), you can gradually take control when you continually reinforce it. Do what you need to make destructive anger a result-oriented zeal, forgive yourself or the causes of anger, and focus on the difficulty that requires your creativity. Don't try to immerse your anger into a profound depth if you don't want it to stay long before it explodes. You do not want to constantly fight your anger, you want to deal with it at the same time, and you want to make your interest effective.

Apply your rage zealously by applying reasoning and understanding. The zeal is to follow the favor and the kind interest. It is a passionate devotion and tireless care to develop and reach the cause. Never, anger has an important role to play, because it is usually up to the zeal, the zeal of anger to a certain degree. Although anger has a functional value for survival, it is still a poor catalyst and enhancer if not used properly. It may be very easy to get angry if you are angry but increase your honesty with care.

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