If you've ever seen your spouse online cheated, you know this is one of the most painful experiences you'll ever experience. You often feel as though you have been betrayed by your spouse and another woman or man, but you may still feel that it is happening on your computer. You can ask what's wrong with your spouse looking for someone else in the chat room, but you must know that you are not alone. This article contains important tips for dealing with your spouse online fraud.

Finding Evidence of Fraud

If you know that your spouse uses online chatting to cheat but can not prove that enough to deal with it, it can be treated in many ways. First of all, depending on how your spouse uses the chat server, you can find the archived conversations. For example, with Yahoo Messenger, simply log in to your spouse's instant messaging account (provided you enter your password) and find the "contacts" tab at the top of the page. & # 39; Click this tab to see the middle of the drop-down menu and find the & # 39; message archives & # 39; link. By clicking on it, you can easily find the archives.

If you do not have a password for your spouse's chat server or you do not have a messenger to archive you can use it with a keylogger. A keylogger is software that records the most important punches with your computer. You can get those that are unnoticeable for your spouse.

Facing Your Spouse

Once you have the necessary evidence, and even if you can not obtain it, you must face your spouse. The truth is that sex or emotional chat of other men or women on the Internet is wrong. They can argue whether they are deceiving or not, but the truth is that they are not the spouse's behavior. Carefully but firmly explain to your spouse that you know what's going on here and you want to deal with it. Measure your answer to know when they are sorry and really want to work or just do not care. Use this help when deciding what you want to do – whether you are going forward or seeking help for the relationship.

Handling the Problem

If you and your spouse need to save the relationship while solving the problem, you may need help with the marriage counselor. Sometimes you want an outsider to find and help find the root of the problem. Maybe your spouse is bored in the relationship, ignoring something else. If your spouse refuses to seek help, the decision applies to you. Would you like to keep marriage unhealthy or continue and heal alone? Anyway, this is a tough decision, but that's important.

Use the above tips and tips to help your spouse talk with online fraud cheating and decide where to go from here. Good luck.

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