Although I firmly believe in fate, fate and karma, not everyone is willing to trust "stars" to determine their future. You may have wondered, "What chance do I have to find a companion?" Well, there are different statistics that support the answer to the question and some of them are listed. Some may be surprised, especially by the number of online dating users.

first 40 million Americans are using online dating service. This is 40% of the adult American population. It's not just a fad, and you just might find happiness.

2nd 44% of the adult American population is unique It's more than 100 million people, so your chances are actually much better than you think.

3rd On average, there are 86 unique men for every 100 women in America. So, chances are a little favor for men who find a companion. This proportion is a little better in the southwest, and in some warmer climates such as Texas, Florida and California, some cities really favor women.

4th 50% of adults in the state of New York are not married, so the best for single people. Washington, DC actually boasts a 70% uniform price, making it the best area for single people (though not the state).

The worst-performing states in Idaho and Utah are 40% and 41% individual.

5th 51% of respondents say flattering is the best way to attract someone. According Are You Normal About Sex, Love and Relationships? # 39.Is interested in the old school yard way to give the word to a friend.

6th Photographed profiles receive more than twice as many responses According to MIT and University of Chicago economists, profiles with photos receive more than twice as many emails as profiles. There seems to be a good reason to move on and put the photo there in your profile.

7th It takes 15 minutes to make a first impression – if you are a woman. If you are a man, you have a little more pillows. Women usually take about an hour to decide if there is a second date.

8th The No. 1 relationship argument is above money – according to a survey by the University of Denver. So don't feel too bad if you can't agree who pays the date. This is quite common and not exactly predicting things to come.

ninth 48% of online connections breaks through e-mail It may be harsh or insensitive, but this is the world we live in, especially in creating an online connection.

10th Only 2% of men find contact with the barstool. This figure only increases to 9% for women. So, go down the barstool and try your luck somewhere else, such as online or through a network of friends, where 63% of couples claim to have found their peers, according to the book Sex in America: Robert T. Michael's Final Survey .

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