The Talmud claims, "Anyone who is angry is like adoring idolatry."

Strange context.

The Talmud would have taught, "Anyone who is angry seems to be destroying his home," I nodded. Even "Anyone who persuades her money is like adoring idolatry", it makes sense. But anger and idolatry? What is the connection?

The following scenario can reveal the seemingly mysterious statement of the Talmud:

An anniversary is created and you decide to surprise your wife on a Broadway show and then have a dinner at a fancy restaurant in town. Everything is designed for "T"! Even convince the sister-in-law, Lisa, babysitter. (Lisa tends to catch you and sometimes you will be very angry, but you feel desperate and you really want to be perfect this evening!) Finally, the big night arrives and everything is fine. You and your wife have slipped over time, even though some very loud little girl was launched. (They do not particularly like Liza …) It's six hours and half an hour from the city. Showtime is eight times – more than enough time to get to Midtown and sometimes make a window to buy together … alone! You spit the smile of your wife as you go on the motorway, secretly congratulating yourself on a perfectly accomplished night. You control it. You enter the Element Tunnel without having your wife enjoy your wife when you can not guess what shows you have chosen. And then … hit the traffic. No problem. This evening they enjoy each other. Who is interested in spending something in a car, right? Fifteen minutes later, and there is no movement – not one inches. It's a little sweaty, but still confident that this traffic jam can not take too long. It will continue in fifteen minutes and it will still slide in the middle of the Akku Tunnel. Slightly irritated, turning the radio on to the traffic report. "And the people who are stuck on the battery, I hope they're all comfortable and there are five car accidents at the tunnel's entrance on Manhattan's side, small music to make it easier (click)." Your hand instinctively goes to the horn. Then, as your anxiety increases, you turn back, angry that those imbecile leaders behind you are not trying to leave the tunnel from the entrance. This is what anyone who has any intelligence would have done. That was your business. So, thanks to some accident (probably careless executives!) And some astonished, you're stuck … and boy you're angry! Hello! You do not know who I am? Do not you notice somewhere somewhere?

With this scenario being objectively assessed, most probably agree that anger is not the right answer. This is certainly not the most profitable answer. Even so, many are likely to point to the anxiety of your "you" sadness and its growing frustration.

The question is where did this feeling come from? What is the root of the reaction?

The answer is the way you perceive yourself. You're the responsible person. If you make plans, you find the results satisfactory. Now, if you are the one who runs the show and things do not go as you planned, you're not happy, you're not happy.

"Anyone who is angry is like adoring idolatry." Teachers of the Talmud say that when you are angry you really say that you, and not Gd, control what is happening in your life.

Here you can do a paradigm shift. If you are a believer in Gd, then you know that He controls all that is happening in this world to the smallest detail. Checks when it comes to traffic and controls when it comes to all green light. The believer in Gd knows that Gd knows what he is doing. If you leave the "control" with those who really control you, you will be free of the anger you have ever committed. A situation that has once caused anxiety is now another friendly reminder that "someone else" is responsible.

You thought you should be on Broadway show tonight. She was near her other plan. Sometimes he obviously sees his Divine custody. (There were a lot of people who were very excited when they missed their 8:00 train at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, in the morning.) They will guess at other times. Anyway, you can sit and enjoy the ride because the driver knows the way – maybe even better than you.

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