Have you ever read this one that, in order to be rich, you have to rise from the mindset of poverty to the milieu's mindset? As you sit on the bills that are richer witnesses to the rich, ask this, since they are the same voice who asks to buy their products. They promise to help their financial freedom. They complain that you are not rich because there is a poverty. Oh, really? So you ask yourself. You ask how I think wrong, what am I doing wrong, how can I think about my well-being? The truth was not left; one more time. You spent time and money on a product, a trick, an experiment that will keep you. Because there is only one way of thinking that you or any other body could ever know at a given point or moment.

Let me explain in detail what I mean …

Paradoxical paradoxical thinking: the only capable mindset in this spiritual realm … Have you ever heard of this? This is because few people know what I'm talking about. This is the only way a person can ever know, as this is the only way for the mind to be programmed. People can not successfully program a program they do not understand. Unlike the computer and the software, Universal Thinking can not be removed. The mental state I speak of is a paradox of the mind that only works as a paradigm shift. Huh?

That's right. You can not change unchangeable things. Many people can say that paradigm shift is the only true solution to obtaining wealth. But are you once more richer than before? You said it became obvious you changed your programmed thinking and you're going to be like them. After all, they did, promised and promised you the answer that solves all the problems. They stressed that they need to change their thinking. You're doing this Paradigm Shifting. Look at them, there are millions and not.

Let's analyze this. Because you have to be where they are, and that's the only thing you're thinking of now. Why are you still struggling? Why are you still fighting the demons of financial depression? Here's their answer: "Your mind has a deficiency, has a poverty mindset, does not abide by the law of abundance and prosperity, and on and on."

We're going to be deep. I will slowly help you to understand all the truths that this world really works, and unlike the others I've ever done before, I'll tell you what they do not want to know about it. When you are ready to learn the truth about your programmed state, continue reading

What is the paradigm? This is a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that give the community a way of experiencing reality that shares them, especially in a mental discipline, in a pattern or example

In other words, can this be what is called a Matrix? What exactly is the Matrix? It is a situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, evolves, or contains a context or framework in which something is

So if we are a programmable, predictable, experimental work, we will all inherit a mindset. A way of thinking which is, in certain circumstances, progressive and fixed for growth. Nobody would start developing like any other. Their personal growth then depends on whether their environment, their education, and their structure have led to their own personal transformation. Step by step only the mindset can be shifted upwards in a spiral motion. Paradigm shifting can only take place after one step is completed before proceeding. To say that of course you can call this shift. You mean like a butterfly like a cocoon, so what. The growth and development process does not need to allow our current state of mind to go to the natural next stage

Only one thinking makes the world; Paradoxical paradoxical thinking. So, with regard to wealth or poverty, no such installation ever took place. We all got the same principle.

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