Anger usually has outbound directed energy. Someone in your life is doing something that does not meet your expectations and norms and you are angry. Or they do not do something they said would do it and go crazy. Or it's either you or someone you care about and you're crazy.

Often, this "crazy" is a kind of rational indignation. This is the just indignation that is so tempting to the ego. Your heart is circling around your heart circularly and throwing yourself in your mind. Righteous indignation has its own energy, and some people are very persuasive.

Take a look at the last time you felt something crazy. Was there any kind of rational indignation? Do you see this feeling justifying your anger? Do you see how upset the right outrage?

Alternatively, if you release yourself from the grip of righteous indignation, it is easier to understand your feelings better. It is likely to be easier to get involved in a little bit of self-examination and to look at the best course of action. Often, anger calls for action. Yet, when you enter the action without understanding the rage and the root source, you will probably make a greater distance in your relationships and more focus in your heart. Likewise, if he is still angry with the total energy supply of anger, he probably has more problems.

It is therefore a good strategy to first release the energetic charge of anger (you can use a number of tools for that), then take part in a small self-study and finally decide on a course of action. Since the root of most anger is an unsatisfied need or want, self-interest may mean asking yourself some questions like, "What did I expect it did not happen?" "Do my needs meet without verbal violence?" Most people get it, It's not cool to try to satisfy your needs with violence. However, if they catch the anger, they may think that their verbal violence is justified. This is one of the most important things to clear the energizing charge of anger first.

What trick is there to clarify the energy supply of anger? How do you let yourself go out of fair indignation?

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