What makes a man large and mediocre? Could you be lucky or just a chance? The fact that most people are just casual passers-by on this exciting road that we call life, while some learn to use their minds to fulfill their destiny.

For example, take Elisha's prophet; He was so fond of being the master of Elijah, and when asked what he wanted from his master, he asked the duplicate of his master to ask him unquestionably. Maybe a simple story, but a pearl of a lesson; the younger prophet has already seen his mind. The picture he wanted was clear in his mind, so even if you ask him in his sleep, you can tell. Not only that, but also the necessary requirements to achieve this goal. He not only discovered, but nourished and exploited the power of consciousness.

Fulfillment of destiny begins in every individual's mind. In the history of mankind, everyone who reached high altitude never came to an error. The story is often told that Abraham Lincoln was in vain looking for a chosen office after another until he was eventually elected to the White House. Undoubtedly, his mind kept all these years unkindly. The hardships he suffered had deterred most men, but he continued to hold his mind until the picture he held had come to fruition. He was not the first to occupy the White House, but the generations of generations spoke with respect.

What most people call fate is nothing else than performing a picture in a person's eyes that is long, loyal and dissuasive. In other words, the climax of exercising the power of thinking. If most men are happy to accept their position in life, some will accept less of what they can to meet their abilities.

Elisha is not content with being just another prophet. He wanted to be extraordinary, and he might have to believe it first and then have to create it. The manifestation of his desires started when the master asked him what he wanted. How many would have dared to ask Elijah, except one who was in the power of his mind? Got your reward? In fact, he did as everyone who learns to master the power of their minds and control their fate.

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