There is nothing to beat the power of good night sleep, either for adults or for children. For infants and young children, however, it is more important as it plays an important role in brain development and in all aspects of early growth and development. They found that sleep was a vital element and children should be healthy, happy and energetic.

Results of Insufficient Sleep

Inadequate sleep or deprivation causes damage to the daily normal functioning of the child. You may notice that your child is gently sleeping, but that's not all. In addition to behavioral changes, there are several other side effects that may be seriously disadvantaged in the long term.

• Inadequate sleep is due to attention, memory, learning, and behavioral problems.

• In children, especially before the age of 41 months, this may lead to an increase in the impulse of hyperactivity. Children may also show lower cognitive performance.

• Lack of sleep also affects the metabolism. As a result, your child may develop cardiovascular disease, obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

• It can also cause energy loss as it affects levels of cortisol, ghrelin, leptin, insulin, and growth hormone. Some children also show emotional problems.

• Adolescents may lead to high-risk behaviors such as drug abuse, sleepy driving, and suicidal behavior.

Not Sleepy Symptoms

• Your child often wants to relax during the day

• Your child is continually yawning

• It will be difficult for your child to wake up in the morning

• Your child has no motivation, interest, and difficulty with attention and attention.

• After waking up they want to go to bed

• Missing fun activities with friends or family to go and lie.

• Teachers have complaints about having a child feeling sleepy or yawning at school.

Good Night Sleep Prerequisite

It is imperative for children from babies to adolescents to have the right amount of sleep every day. This includes the day time. Families need to work together to make sleep a priority.

The benefits of sleep are endless. Continue to watch, active and calm. It can still affect temperament, personality, learning, and social behavior. Creating a night routine for your baby is important, so when your head reaches the pillow, your baby falls into a deep sleep, refreshed and energized in the morning.

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