The law of attraction is one of the oldest universal laws. It only means to depict what circumstances we face in our lives is the consequence of what they thought in the past. Thoughts dominate in our consciousness, they must be obvious in their lives. The circumstances we face, the people we meet, the relationships, the money, the house we live in; these are all the results we are focusing less, or we simply say what we think the best. You have ever noticed when it is angry or frustrated in the morning, it often happens that you are sucking all day. The "whole day sucks" is a phenomenon that happens because we are attracted in the morning.

What is the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a belief or theory that "likes like" and can focus on positive or negative thoughts to produce positive or negative results.

In short, I will define the law of attraction in a row: "We Think It Will Become Obscured"

Simple. We draw our everyday lives with our thoughts and feelings. For example, if we think that we do not have money on our bank account, we will not attract money during our lifetime. Likewise, if we feel depressed because of workload or other concerns, we will "welcome depression and anxiety." So we are constantly using this universal right, whether we know it or not. Things that are occurring in everyday life are due to this attraction law.

Thomas Troward, one of the great weapons of the New Thinking Movement, claimed that: "The thought precedes the physical form and that" the mind the seeds of its planets, which are the seeds that, if they grow unbroken, ultimately attract all the conditions necessary to manifest themselves in the outer visible form. "

Later, metaphysicians also supported the attraction of everyday life and then" The Secret "The arrival of a book has created a great revolution in societies and religious beliefs, so the law of attraction is far more the game of the mind inventory, you observe the principles of the law, you realize that whatever you can get in your life you love to achieve

How to use it the Law of Attraction:

As I said before : "We think it's obvious. "What will we keep in our minds and concentrate on bringing it into the process of manifestation? The law of attraction is very simple if you have a firm belief in your thoughts and appearances. Here I am teaching you how to use the law of attraction of your life to do whatever you can achieve It is only three steps:

1. Ask

2. Relax

3. Give


The first step is the desire that you you want to be in your life You definitely can not get money if you do not plan to receive it Similarly, you will not be on vacation in Spain until you plan it So ask the first step in applying the attraction law in your life Sit down and put a pen and a paper, relax and think about what you want in your life. Write down everything that comes to your mind that you have a lot of money, a good life partner or anything else … just j Make a note on the paper. After you've made a list of your dreams (wishes), go to the next step that "feels".


After making a list of all his desires, he said he was ready to reach. Now start to feel that you can find everything in your life that is on the piece of paper (note of desires) and you'll be grateful for it. If you've been writing for a lot of money, you'll feel like you've got a lot of money in your account now. Bring up the joy of having $ 100,000 in your account. You feel that you have a perfect partner in your life and have a happy life. So you can begin to imagine getting access to everything you wrote on that paper and grateful for this abundance. What is happening here is that the universe is listening to these consistent ideas and the manifestation process is being created. So the main theme of the move is: "What you want to achieve in your life, you feel like you already have it."


The last step is to "give" the law of attraction. There is a principle in this whole process that says: "The more you give, the more you get back"

So give whatever you are in your life. If you can give happiness to someone, go ahead. If you have money, give it there without worrying about the amount. Many people insist on this move and have doubts in their minds and they are right about it. As an ordinary human being, we think that some distribution reduces it. But the law of attraction is contrary to law. This law states that if you give something back to someone, it returns it back. The question is, "how is it possible?" The answer is very simple and logical. In the donation process, you think you are telling a lot about your money and giving money to others. This sense of abundance inflames the second process, which is "Feel". So when I give you, you feel like you are a lot old and you're gonna be plenty. So the "give" process helps to strengthen your conviction that you already have abundant all you have.

This is so easy!

This law of attraction is supposed to. Ask, feel and give. So the essence of the law lies in your thoughts. Negative thoughts bring negative conditions and vice versa. So you can start the law of attraction in your life from now on. Initially, it takes some time to guide and retain your thoughts, but gradually you begin to handle your thoughts and things begin to work as the law of attraction takes effect. He who can change his life forever and forever. So go ahead and take advantage of this law and be happy. Good luck.

According to the Law of Attraction within Hours .

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