Many people share and live in different places around the world. We recognize them from where they come from, in this case the countries they live in, or perhaps their nationality. We also realize that different people believe in different beliefs. They also have different assets or authority levels. However, are these things really different from each other in a way that is different from each other? Are these those that mark each person on earth? They certainly do not. These are not the proper way to differentiate and share each person.

Defective perception

How did these things begin? When did the stereotyping of individual countries, religions, powers or riches begin? There is no absolute answer. Suddenly we all live in the era where people can be judged about nationalities or species, their beliefs or religions, and about how rich or powerful they are.

Today, we often hear the sentences: "This country is a war country." They like to start wars. Or another says, "This religion is the faith of violence, anarchy and fanaticism." The other saying is, "Never believe the rich people and bosses, and even the government, who are arrogant types who are only interested in gaining more and more benefits for themselves." Is this really?

not. These are bad perceptions and stereotypes, which are a bit far beyond the minds of men. It's not the skins, the races or the countries that make up people and they love doing them badly. Nor are religions or convictions, since it is crystal clear that there is no religion that teaches believers to commit anarchism or violence only because some disagree with them. And this is not power or money that someone is arrogant. Even if power or authority and money are often blind people, not all of them.

These bad observations are just our way of judging people's judgment and negative thinking about others, because it's easier to do it than to acknowledge the good experiences that people have. So what can really make a difference between a man and another?

Elections, Behavior and Personality

Yes, these are answers, behaviors, or choices made in their lives. To repeat that it is not a certain country, race, religion, or money and power that causes one to turn badly. How they behaved, what they intend to do, and what decisions they make when deciding on their life path.

Everyone has a dark and shiny personality. But which personality will win and appear on the surface, or how people will live, is a question that must be returned to each individual.

Furthermore, they decide to start war and that people are fanatical, violent and anarchist, the choices they bring in themselves. It all started from the wartime of the personality that first appeared inside a soul that a winner ended and then decided to launch another war.

So the only lifetime issue is: "which choices will be made," or "how can we win the war in ourselves as our next step?" These things are questions that we can only choose.

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