These two words have been spoken, conversations, conversations and conversations have been mentioned millions of times, but nobody asked for the difference between them. Two different words mean two different things. Let us read this further. Heh..Heh..Heh.


In the dictionary, motivation means motivating, encouraging. Motivating people is the same as bribing people to do things that both us and them prefer. People can motivate people to spend money, from desire to salvation.


Inspire means influencing, moving, or controlling divine or supernatural inspiration. Inspiring people means that people are led by some divine or divine spirit. The Latin word spirare, which means breathing.

The best thing to do now is what will happen if we merge them? Get the best possible results ever. Motivation motivated by inspiration is the same as combining heaven and earth.

The reason for success
Where do you get inspiration? The inspiration comes when the divine power communicates with you. Two-way communication is required with divine power. We trust in the Divine Power, whatever you want to call: God, Allah, Yahweh, etc. I called God. The most important thing is to figure out that He is important to you and you are important to him.

May God bless us and let us choose our own life. He gave no life for anything. He wants you to do something big. That's why it will always be with you. If God is with you, do you still think you miss it? No chance. Want to help. Let him help and guide.

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