What is the best gift you can give your child? Well, subjective. For some people it is a material asset, college fund, and for others it can be a great asset.

For us, this is the gift of learning. Our son grows so fast, we catch every moment and enjoy every second.

This leads to a very important question: As a parent we often focus on physical factors because it is most noticeable. But our children's brain grows fast. Physical development is not the only process that is growing at the speed of the chain, the brain itself.

It is a matter of imagination to get a picture of a little person who, at certain intervals, per minute, experiences the change of 250,000 nerve cells in time. 80% of adult brain size is the time when the oxygen is 2 years old. Although all the necessary neurons are present at birth, brain growth is a continuous process.

As a result, I will forever emphasize the need to introduce formal school education as early as possible. It was for us in the concept.

There is nothing instrumental for a small person than being able to learn new things in a young age. There is no better time than the brain's developmental phase to embed these learning actions. Our little is very intellectually curious and we use this for our benefit.

Let's make a productive endeavor. So how do we get productivity from interest?

first See curiosity curiosity. Encourage new ideas. Believe me, your little ones are not lacking in this area.

2nd Converting Curiosity into Learning Opportunity. Curious consciousness brings immense knowledge.

3rd Turn this learning opportunity into an adventure world. Discover ideas, take the mind of a small person, switch from passive to active activities.

Do you think your little girl is bathing passively? If so, think again. Their little brain always works. It is up to you to make sure it works.

It's never too young to introduce early experiences, as it will affect the entire brain structure. Little will have a fantastic foundation for learning as she grows up.

There are plenty of active things to involve the jokes; but reading is beneficial.


This can be accomplished through any task. Naturally, the different forms of reading, or the reading of the child for fun or understanding, work in the brain.

When you sit reading with your children until the reading experience takes place, the child's brain changes with these experiences. And a brain connection is taking place.
I definitely believe in speech: "If you do not use it, you will lose it."
Thus, when the connection takes place, brain cells are used and the child can pick up the thinking cap. The stronger these synapses are, the more they use them.

Soon Einstein may be in your hands, or Aristotle. Anyway, you get a clear picture of how your child is thinking.

People often ask if our little talk or understand Jamaican dialect. The answer is not. This is because he was born here in the United States. While his brain developed the Jamaican dialect, these relationships were not made because, because one of the parents speaks in dialect, only English is spoken in English. So this is the only relationship your brain has made.

Why did I share this story?

Well, the child's learning path will go the same way, taking advantage of this very connection process. And their experience is an integral part of this journey.

It's the key to your child's academic future. Open up today by working your brain and holding it. For the best results, the younger the better.

Parents, Thinking Meals: Remember back when you started a family? Did not you look for the opportunity? When was that window? Ovulation, I'm sure.

Got the point.

The little ones have an absolute possibility, and now. The best time to learn; Believe it's easier!


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