Discovering Mind Where are you flying? To the hills of restlessness or the valley of calm? Are the depths of the ocean so far not covered?

Calm yourself, my greatest friend, or could I call my most frightening enemy during the unbridled emotional cataclysm?

The centered soul is a relaxed mind, a mind that produces high energy, enough to bring hydroelectric turbines into motion, a mind that brings forth countless discovery of humanity's blessing.

Calm down my friend, like a Master Zen, with a single ripple that suddenly thought that the calm mind would blur.

Restless mind, focus on your breath, deep inspiration, and maturity until you have the breath; the state of mind "Satori", where time and tide consist; the lessons go deep, imperfect emptiness.

The mind, a great tool of mankind, does not intend to wasted millions of unwanted thoughts that break through on you, the quality of which makes life a beautiful paradise, or the vicious Hades resembles Dante & A hell.

Why do my friend, my great mind, send people into the depth of despair, the uncontrolled negative recurring thoughts that have created unknown expressions like Depression, anxiety, suicide & # 39; An unwise mind when you accept the things that they, instead of trying to change the world to your liking, would not accept peace?

The mind is like a volcano, why not accept the uniqueness of every person, how the world looks, if dressed in similar colors, nothing can break the modest variety.

The mind is like water, flows with it, creating paths where it does not, filling the existing vacuum, accepting beauty at present, beauty of inequality and inequality in all beautiful forms.

My mind, when you see reality, what is it, not the hopes and aspirations in the present, does not distort the nature of reality and the nature of your development?

Whenever you are calm, all thoughts are fading; you do not behave any kind of sadness to anybody, neither do you worry about the problems of the past or the fear of the future. You're releasing everything until it's free; you and your body that you occupy, you become one.

This state of mind of meditative practice over the years is what is called enlightenment where they do not ask for approval from others and no one has to prove anything; a state where everything becomes lighter, there is no more struggle or breakdown, only the peaceful realization of you.

A mind is really without fear a mind unexpectedly or ego, where every moment you cherish what it is, enjoy all your activities that is, feel completely at the moment of your job – what day today Psychologists call the "zone" where hours appear as minutes, and time will only fade, without much ado … and the "Divine Now" will remain. & # 39;

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