You belong to a particular organization and something or someone inspires you, you're in a leadership position. Although another person may think or believe you are the right person to accumulate a position, only when / when you really believe that you have the right thing and make a meaningful difference, the better you are to continue it. Open your eyes wide and hold a long, deep, objective, introspective look and ask yourself why you want to drive in this group at this point and time. Take the extra time and be as sure as you are the right person. Be sure to keep your own personal motive and be pure, focusing on the common good rather than self-interest or personal agenda. With this in mind, this article attempts to briefly examine, consider and discuss the mnemonic approach, why it would be better leaders if all of them would do it before continuing.

first Mention; meeting the minds; Motivation: If you need to say thank you or believe your position, you demand respect, you are probably wrong for the task ahead. Quality managers tend to remember, thank, and appreciate others' efforts. Do you seek common good find and service, do you want your self-interest? Specifies the example that inspires and motivates others to follow and participate in it? Do you support the motivation of leadership?

2nd Opportunities; opportunities; open; opinions: Are you willing to respect the opinions of others while you have confidence, move forward and make clear your views and meaning? Be open, willing to listen and consider options and alternatives to make sense of meaningful opportunities?

3rd Timely: Death is the biggest obstacle for quality leadership. You have to listen, learn, empathize, take full account, take personal responsibility, introduce and timely take action.

4th ideas; integrity; interesting; inspire; Ideology: View and accept the ideology, mission, and vision of your group and inspire others, interesting and relevant to them. Never sacrifice absolute integrity for convenience. You will commit to the responsibility of inspiration, those you serve.

5th Vision; value; Values: Does a vivid vision motivate you for others, as it provides real value while aligning your organization's values?

6th empathy; excellence; endurance; Efforts: Listen to and learn from all your conversations and experiences and ask for the highest level of personal excellence. Their efforts are focused on ensuring quality, and persistently overcoming obstacles and implementing solutions to the best of their ability.

7th System; sustainable solutions; Service: How to leave your group, stronger than when you started. Are you ranking and service? Do you notice and imagine and implement a system that provides the finest, sustainable solutions?

Nobody, let others put pressure on them to enter the leadership. What are your real motives?

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