I think the principles of the 12-foot movement are the most important ones to help others overcome the addictive anger and / or devastating anger.

First, there is a difference between those who are angry and those who are angry and / or devastating anger. The difference is similar to those who occasionally drink, and those who clinically diagnose drinking. The latter is regarded as a mental state of health, and so are angry people. The similarity lies in the fact that they both experience significant loss of control.

It is obvious that anger is a condition that can not be cured by itself. Whether psychotherapy or other intervention is needed depending on the circumstances. However, regardless of the approach, a spiritual component is needed. It is necessary for the sufferer to restore relationships to a higher consciousness once they want to restore their values ​​and beliefs. This is called a higher consciousness, my God.

To overcome anger and / or devastating anger begins with exactly and complete self-reflexion. It takes a sincere look at yourself and recognizes that there are some parts that are awesome, painful, and ugly. No, there is no bad person, only a person who is bad inside. Simply, there can be no change or improvement until you realize that they are not who you want to be or where they want to be. Once, this difference is recognized as a development of motivation for change.

There is a need to fill a Velcro. That means you can drop some luggage. We all got luggage. Regardless of whether it is your baggage for apology, guilty of guilt or the shame of shame. All of your luggage slows down growth. This bag must be stopped in order to be free to grow. This may mean that it is aligned with past relationships.

Accounting is one of the most important components of recovery. One must be different to what you need to know and fail and report success. One that they can expect from reassurance and refusal. This relationship with others, which makes sense to me. The presence of travelers with a sense of direction and perseverance for travel.

These are the 12-step model specifications. There is simply no model that incorporates these and other concepts that promote healing. They are particularly important in the treatment of anger. So that they almost appear to counters intuitive!

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