Have you noticed that people who have made law attractive to them in their lives do not complain?
And those who do not do the job?

It's pretty obvious, but funny. And it shows exactly why people are unhappy when they do not get what they want.

Life is supposedly good, life must be entertaining. Everyone on this planet knows their hearts, even if they do not want to admit it. And when people do not let themselves be happy to fill this life, they begin to complain and find the different reasons why they do not.

And the only thing that protects people from living in their lives is to complain:

  • where they are and how long they are
  • and
  • that there are so many people where they are and do not like it, and
  • people's mistakes are where they are
  • that it's probably karmic that they are where they are. "Here we are, here we are, and we do not love it here."

    BLABLABLA … shut it down. The more we talk about where we are, the more the universe will unite us where we are. Law. The law of attraction is never lying.

    We do not get what we want, and we get who we are. Seriously, we could ask for our entire lives that we want and firmly believe in the law of attraction and the goodness of the universe, but the more we are talking about where we are, the longer we stay where we are.

    So what do we do then?

    Let's focus on what does not work and do what works. The more energy we can focus on things, the more they become apparent to us and the more energy becomes. Let's face it, life is always working for us, even if we're not fun. The wood in front of your door will still be there, even if you have a little dizziness. The most important thing is to not let the annoyance so much that you will ruin your whole life. There are people on this planet who have ruined their own lives because of very negligible things. Let them not live again, create a world where people will definitely live and create their future as they wish.

    Who's with me? Unsustainable world.

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