Trying new app ideas for the iPhone or iPad is not easy, with nearly three-quarters (750,000) today. The next day, however, I spent more hours with a very wise App entrepreneur, and your company made almost 1,200 apps, and this is a lot of apps for my friend – as we started talking, bought more kids, I say kids because they are in the early 20s and we started the brain storm. Since I was in charge of the mission, I have been asked to write down everything they have done or participated in, all the fields or hobbies with a number.

Everybody has written about a dozen items, and we've gone through them to see if there is duplication and it turns out that each of us has some writing experience. I said; Okay, let's talk about applications to help writers work better. I have found it necessary to increase the vocabulary to create better or more appropriate words as needed. Another said they needed all the quotes on their fingerprints, but when they wrote that they didn't want to stop, they only sought typing.

Okay, what about the speech recognition application, where a writer would say "Quotes _ _ _." And the app would call back the most famous quotes on the site. And then I asked if they could make a "Thesaurus App" where the writing could write a word, and the Thesaurus App would only recall all the similar words as the writer listened to them as they could in their article, creative story or email. They all agreed that it would be easy to create, and then they said they would go out and check if anyone had yet to make one.

It turned out that there is and is just as suspicious that it is called Thesaurus App 1.0 and costs $ 0.99. The software application Piet Jonas and the description they describe; "Retrieving synonyms for all words. If available, you will also receive antonyms, related phrases, similar words, and user suggestions. Tap one of the results to start a quick new search for that phrase."

This app has received high ratings, but the sound must be enabled so maybe my friends' company can do this or maybe need it, because it was just a brain fix to warm up and they've got around 500 apps before ever would also stop the list. Please consider all this.

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