Looking for a new job? If so, then I do not have to tell you how important a scary continuation is. Preparations for posting new jobs are now required. Registerers spend less than 60 seconds to continue. The summary statement is a very strong section. This block of sentences plays a key role. Specifies whether to read the rest of the sequel. Determines whether to ask or not. Determines whether we can get the job. All right, you do not specify everything, but it will determine that a recruiter will take some time to look at the performance. The recruiters will not get to the big results with a poor summary statement. So how do you write one that is noticeable? Read about staff.

  1. You know what they want. Really understand the situation requirements. We really understand them. This is a good basis for the summary statement. Read the post at least 10 times. Sometimes you can get to the point where you can read almost anywhere in the mission. This is a good place to go.
  2. Create a list of requirements and personal properties. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Sit down and make a list of requirements. List everything. It then lists the personal attributes. Do not miss anything.
  3. Know your competitive edge. Think about what you're going to do about this position. Did he hold similar situations in the past? You have a transferable skill? You must be very clear about this. Imagine yourself in a waiting room with 10 other job seekers who are all competing for the job you want. What are you going to tell the landlords? How will you perform the job better than the competition? What have you done in previous positions that are directly related to this?
  4. Connect your skills and experience to your position. He grasps exactly what the employer wants, and his competitive advantages will help him here. Make sure you match your skills and experience. Could you make it clear that the recruiter does not have to think? Excellent!
  5. Do not be modest. Forget modesty. You feel good about your performance and do not be afraid to include them in the summary statement. This is important because we tend to feel as if we are grateful. I repeat after me You can not boast. Not proud. You can not boast.
  6. Avoid boring words. We all know the words that are over-used, which should not be included in the sequel. These words appear in the workplace, but they are not used. These tired words will not impress the recruiter.
  7. Get something. Share your resume and job opportunities with a trusted friend or career coach. This is a great way to get valuable feedback. Do this before sending it.

Here, colleagues. Is there an interesting resumed story to share? Let me know.

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