Have you ever heard someone criticizing the words " so is unconscious"? What does that mean? Maybe they repeatedly repeat the same stupid mistakes, making the same bad decisions, never doing anything to change their self-destructive habits.

You may have said to yourself, "I can not believe I did this, I was completely unconscious." Of course, it does not mean you were completely unconscious (19459004). You did not dump the floor. But you do not know about certain things and this has led to being inappropriate. Paradoxically, it may not have been related to the natural [tudat] ability to pass through the situation. Because if you are completely in touch with your unconscious skills in your you agree with yourself, your unconscious minds. You are the autopilot, you know, are effective. You are " in the zone It is no longer a struggle to be aware of it.Your knowledge, either by learning or otherwise, is automatically started

So being unconscious in the humiliating sense, do not touch an unconscious mind

Every day we look at a world that is only unattainable You will see and lose, feel, intuit, or copy It dreams are just one window overlapping a universe that we call the unconscious, so there are thoughts, prepositions and wonderful mysteries – like knowing who calls it before picking up the phone or spontaneously scrambling for an illegal solution because of a problem that has been caught before, or a dream of a chemical formula, which won the Nobel Prize (someone really did this)

The unconscious decision is very simple It's all you did not know you know every moment, while your conscious mind is all you are aware of. Consciousness is like a little spot that floats on the big ocean of the unconscious.

As the minds of the unconscious mind are all that they are not aware of today, one of their tasks is to filter off alien information, irrelevant memories, and countless body functions that we could never consciously handle. Wonderfully effective.

If you notice something, you will enter your consciousness . As long as you remember it, you stay there, and as long as you stay, you can choose how to respond. If you're not aware of something, you have no choice. We are like a machine that has been programmed to repeat the same thing over and over again.

It can often be useful. For example, once you learn to ride a bicycle and your unconscious ability is alive. The same applies to bad habits, negative emotions, self-destructive behaviors, and convictions, and a whole series of things that indicate that they run away unconsciously. For example, you may have a negative self-limiting belief on yourself for the past several years. Faith does not fit better than the clothes of a toddler who was thrown away when you were a triple. But he still goes with it. You may even know why you have such conviction. But that does not help. Knowing why it is not enough to change your faith in life. This, along with the old beliefs, frustrations and regret, suggests that he feels he is endlessly struggling with himself. Or maybe you do not know it until the average results are achieved in life, knowing that you are able to withstand so much.

Here's a roadmap that helps you recognize how your unconscious mind became known to you. There are four areas on which he plays, indicating that he is in balance, in accordance with the unconscious mind or other:

  1. Emotional states: Negative states dominate? anger, depression, fear, anger, boredom?
  2. Or is your life dominated by love, joy, excitement, creativity, ingenuity, curiosity, humor, interest?
  3. Practices and Actions: Do you do the things that provide the deepest satisfaction now and for the future? Are you avoiding the heaviest, delayed, addictive behavior?
  4. It is easy to enter into life, work, and relationships, find a balance between work and play, throw things that do not work right away, while facing things that are difficult, while constantly learning about trust in the ability to know the difference? What do you like in your life? Are you disappointed with the same long-term opportunities that you put off in situations that are never as good as they hoped for?
  5. Or are things constantly outstripping your expectations? Do you watch some people who enter your life and are grateful for the opportunities that are constantly being displayed?
  6. What do you mean all about? Your belief system is central. Both the cause and the result of how he responded to the above questions. How do you feel that? Do you live in a limited universe, in a nasty spiky world, which always brings the worst off everybody?
  7. Or do you live in an endless opportunity and abundance of universe that is full of solutions, beauty, creative expression beyond the borders? There is evidence to support both sides. Which page do you come from ?


The above four indicators can give you a clear picture of how well you balance your mind with the unconscious mind.

Here are some simple tools that will help you change it.

1. Convincing and Reflecting

Convincing Systems are like photographs that [valójában] are real, not [valójában] reality. Start looking at the beliefs. They are related to your comments and reports you provide to your experience. Begin to list, follow, pay attention to them. How does negative, restrictive beliefs affect the surface? Are you and others judging? She says, "I'm not … smart enough, well-connected, young or old enough, etc." and rejects the opportunities that come to them? Do you see the bottle half empty? In order to change it, we must first find out what prevents this.

I will not go into the benefits of meditation and thought in the often taught way. However, I would like to say that taking care of the reflection process, let alone silent contemplation, is the creation of diaries focusing on the day-to-day conversation or conversation with friends or mentors. the best comprehensive processes for deep transformation.

If you have the experience of consciousness, Vipassana, or Zen meditation, use it to pay full attention to how negative beliefs bubble on the surface. Usually emotions accompany them. Do not leave emotions in the usual way. Make sure your emotions you experience help identify and illuminate the restrictive beliefs to which they relate. There are techniques that move on so I can help break old patterns forever. Now just learn more about how and when these negative convictions are conscious. You may have been surprised by the power that begins to change you.

2. I feel in my bones

I went along with a friend to the race track, who had hardly ever gambled the game since it was revealed on the day that he chose the winning horse in all six races. He said he was afraid. I asked him to know which horse to pick up. He said he felt in his bones. When I asked her what she meant, she said she had strange feelings of ribs, lower back and right hip. When he saw the name of the horse, feelings changed. He said it was as clear as if a bell rang.

Just as you know about orientation, you draw every detail with your eyes; or listening to a symphony means taking every detail with your ears; so respect for the inner world of intuition and consciousness means that it is integrated with all the symbols of your body. Landscapes and symphonies are also beneficial from the approach.

This is exactly the name of the winner's horse, another question. Although many regular successful gamblers report a similar process. In the game of life, those who play well, have a complete, satisfying, productive, generous life, usually do the same. Some say that you can not learn such skills. But this is not true. There are too many stories about people who have spent their lives from mediocre to extreme, from home to performance.

Ask yourself, and ask, "What I felt here, in my bones, in my heart, in the gut, even in my mind, be at the forefront of consciousness, be friends with him, the ways of navigating the vast universe of the unconscious mind.

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